How to Connect a PC or Laptop to a TV – Solution Step by step

remote control connect tv to laptop or pc

In this article, we show you how to connect a TV to your computer. Connecting a desktop PC or laptop to a TV is something very easy. The first thing you have to verify is that the TV has an input that allows you to connect the computer and if you do not have it look for other solutions.

To find out how you’re going to do it, first check the types of inputs that the computer and the TV have.

For example. If the PC has a VGA, HDMI or VDI input check, on the TV see if it has any of these to just put a cable to interconnect them. In case you do not have the same type of inputs then look for a cable with ends of those two types of inputs.

The most common types of video inputs

cable types

When you look at the back of your TV and your computer checks if they have one of these inputs.

remote control connect tv to laptop or pcIf for example that your PC has an HDMI input and your TV also has one then you would just have to look for an HDMI cable to connect them and put the TV on that HDMI input. You can do it using the remote control in a button that normally has the name of “Source” or “Input“, which will allow you to select the type of input.


In case the TV and PC do not have common inputs

If the TV and the CPU (PC) have no entry in common you would have to look for an adapter cable that connects them both. Let’s look at some examples.

In case your computer only has a VGA input and the TV has HDMI then you buy a cable that has one VGA end and the other HDMI.


VGA and HDMI cable


We solved that problem already. In that same way, there are all kinds of cables. The cable can be purchased at a local computer store or preferably at Amazon that comes out much cheaper.


Type of cables

  • VGA – HDMI
  • VGA – DVI
  • DVI – HDMI
  • VGA – DisplayPort
  • DVI – DisplayPort
  • HDMI – DisplayPort
  • VGA – RBG

Normal cables.

  • VGA
  • HDMI
  • DVI
  • DisplayPort

Any questions you have to connect your computer to the TV please leave a comment.