Content Marketing: 12 Keys to Success | Blogging and Business Tips

Content Marketing: 12 Keys to Success |Blogging and Business Tips -
Content Marketing: 12 Keys to Success |Blogging and Business Tips -

Internet has become a channel of communication, marketing and sales for companies. Both large companies and SMEs in the network an opportunity to reach new niche markets and customer loyalty and establish better links with their audience.

At this point, websites, apps and social networks have revolutionized the brand-person relationship but none of these three elements are possible without good communication and content behind. That’s where content marketing manages all its splendor and where the phrase is embodied ” content is king “. Because no communication makes sense if there is nothing to report.

Content Marketing: 12 Keys to Success |Blogging and Business Tips -

But what are the advantages of content marketing presents for businesses?

  • Gives value to the product and service: through the content we explain our value proposition, what sets us apart in the market, we develop manuals, white papers, compilations, … and a lot of documents that give us feedback of who our supporters and what they look to us.
  • Branding and visibility: content marketing is an alternative to advertising. Without major developments and investments we can reach new niche markets and enhance all our qualities. Time to show our full potential to the world!
  • It is very flexible: the Internet is fast and it does not always play well against us for us!We can make immediate changes, edit text, create ad-hoc content, personalized information … is an opportunity that we must seize a unique way to reach each audience.
  • It fits nicely into the long-term strategies: if we eat every day, long-term thinking makes us have a different perspective on our business. Content marketing and creating a plan of publications is an ideal place to create a timeline and draw where we want to go and how far, and that the content is a channel to give visibility to all this, of course.
  • Allows differentiation: do not believe that that blogs are dead were never so alive!And although many companies pushed for them, they care for and pamper few mistake!Stand out advantage that gap through warm and close content your users will help you create a closer brand and publicize your products!

Content Marketing: 12 Keys to Success |Blogging and Business Tips -

  • Builds credibility: having what we do, what our services, how much they cost, who is our team … will make us more transparent and generate more confidence. As difficult as it is to reach this point!
  • Increase engagement: viral content, social networks, newsletters … make us connect with our customers and prospects. Generate content value will increase their loyalty to our brand. And at very low cost!
  • Public and message segments:  We can create personalized and unique content for each user. We just have to give a little coconut and have nicely segmented our databases! From the blog and through social networks and newsletters can send messages and segmented campaigns that trigger the ratio of interest in what we do.
  • Improving the organic / SEO positioning. Content is king and Google loves good content. Think of all the effort you make creating publications will help you obtain more and better positions in search results of Google and that means more visibility, more visitors, more prospects, more confident … being number 1 is possible. Yes Yes!
  • Nurturing: enriches communication with customers through creative stories. Tell other customers’ experiences, success stories, your solutions, interesting proposals … the customer likes to hear live storytelling!
  • It helps sell: of course, content marketing is meaningless if we do not cover this point.We want more leads, new contacts, leads, users interested in what we offer. We want to increase the customer base and marketing content will help us to do so and, if you have worked well the above, certain that the contacts that come to you also be of high quality.

Content Marketing: 12 Keys to Success |Blogging and Business Tips -

What will determine the success of your campaigns? The quality of the content that pour in your blog. If you do not have editors on your computer, a good solution is to hire freelance editors, you can hire a freelance or another depending on the type of content that interests you.

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