Content marketing: The Power of the Word | Business and Marketing Tricks and Tips

Content marketing: The Power of the Word | Business and Marketing Tricks and Tips
Content marketing: The Power of the Word | Business and Marketing Tricks and Tips

Personally I have to confess that I can hardly write at this time of year. My mind is so relaxing and so my business and my conception suffers. But in recent weeks I have had to continue serving our clients.

It was an experience as I’ve had to write articles for other blogs on topics which are a typical. My post were always written for the pleasure of writing, transmit even promote my projects but never as a business. I have found the experience interesting comment in this post since the work of writer of articles for blogs is increasingly in demand, consistent with the idea that content marketing is essential to build confidence and visibility both are essential for any online business that wants to sell.

Statistics show that more and more often turn to Internet content published on blogs to be informed. What you have to consider to work as an editor of blogs?

  1. Have notions on the subject: you can not write about something that is unknown. I think we should be clear at least a concept and develop the idea. However, this point has to work in depth. Articles convey ideas and when you write you should know what you want to convey. Any wrong word can change the main idea and make the message to look not truthful. 
  2. Be very thorough with expression. Due to the difficulty of transmitting ideas that really do not master very well, you need to review the expression. The power of words is important, any variation of the content may be vital in conveying the idea. Choose well the words and do not express more than what is really necessary.
  3. Be quick writing. Quick to write articles while conscientiously. It is an arduous task. A good copywriter content writing has to be agile to be able to cope with the orders of their clients but also must be able to be conscientious when writing and reviewing the results. As with any intellectual work, it requires an emotional balance to convey ideas and emotions without being overly positive or negative.
  4. Convey your emotions. To catch the reader’s attention it is important to use a suggestive title and introduction hitch. In many blogs, the articles are written as a description of facts. Personally I prefer writing in the first person and introduce the topic with a situation. The reader likes to feel that the issue is also important for the author.

I would like to hear your opinion. Have you worked as an editor for another blog? What has been your experience?