Controlling a BB-8 with the mind (the power of the Force) -
Controlling a BB-8 with the mind (the power of the Force) -

In this beautifully photographed and edited video Josha Carr shows how to use the Force to control a droid BB-8. The idea goes through to use one of the modern brain activity sensors (in this case the Emotiv Insight ) and program to pilot an aloof lovely BB-8 with basic controls: movement, turns and acceleration.

Insight programming is done with minimal training prior to recognize mental “markers”: 5 + 2 EEG sensors position / reference and noise cancellation, so you can take a 128 samples per second are used.

The design of the Insight is also lightweight and elegant; the result is that with a little training can recognize these patterns; then to perform the action of “thinking” the various markers are activated and thus signals to the BB-8, which moves accordingly transmitted. Magic? No, but at least it’s something worth Jedi.

Controlling a BB-8 with the mind (the power of the Force) -

Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droid
Orbotix, Inc

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