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How To Convert PSD Files To HTML - Options psd-wordpress2

In a web development project converting PSD to HTML is an essential task. In this article we will explain what this type of project is, why they are so important in web development and what are the keys that we must look to ensure that we get a professional result: tools, outsourcing and selection criteria.

What is a PSD to HTML conversion?

PSD is a file from Adobe Photoshop which is supported by color models as Duotone, Bitmap, Lab, RGB, Color, Multichannel, indexed – color, CMYK and grayscale. HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a markup language easily interpreted by browsers.

Converting PSD to HTML is a key process if we get a professional website. Typically, Web designers create web templates in PSD format to convert them to HTML code. This way of working is becoming increasingly popular in recent years since Photoshop allows users to easily design web templates and save PSD files, which are compositions of layers that are mainly used in the design of a website. Only after they become HTML design of the website is finished.

“The PSD to HTML conversion is a key process if we get a professional website”

Photoshop is one of the most common tools when it comes to building web page options.

Building a template for a web has two steps:

  1. You have to design the components of the template,
  2. Then you have to convert PSD to HTML.

When the PSD file is encoded to an XHTML valid page, with perfect pixelated and cleansed. To make the page to come alive, you must convert the image file in PSD static HTML, which is the basic structure of building web pages, and thus the components of the page (images, text, links, etc.) will be recognized by web browsers.

“For the page to come alive, you must convert the image file in PSD static HTML, which is the basic structure of building web pages, and thus the components of the page (images, text, links, etc.) They will be recognized by web browsers “


 “PSD to HTML” versus “PSD to HTML5”

The HTML language has always been the first choice for web developers around the world. However, with the advent of HTML5 the situation is changing. The official launch of HTML5 has increased the debate on the comparison between versions.Some advantages that incorporates HTML5 are:

  • HTML5 includes new features like the flexibility to incorporate 2D, audio and video files directly on your website. Also, it features geolocation and local storage.
  • SEO advantages: HTML5 all page elements are indexed so that search engine crawlers find it easily.
  • HTML5 ensures optimum compatibility between browsers: a web page will be visible from the main browsers.
  • HTML5 incorporates a rationalization of JavaScript and CSS files, which guarantee a minimum loading time.
  • Since HTML5 is the latest version of the markup language that has approved the Word Wide Web Consortium, is the most appropriate to ensure the proper functioning of a website.
  • And finally, HTML5 also offers feasibility for creating websites for mobile phones.

“The official launch of HTML5 has increased debate worldwide on the comparison between versions”


Outsource conversion?

Depending on the technical knowledge within a company or project team should raise the outsourcing of these services to specialized professionals in this conversion. Incorrect encoding could slow down the loading time of your web pages.

On the Internet there is a great supply and demand of these services, because in them much of the quality of a website resides. And for that coding is done properly and with good results, it is important to get to the selection of specialized professional.

Today there are many tools, applications and tutorials to convert PSD to HTML quickly and effectively. However, the most common is to hire a provider of these services for professional results. In addition, this option saves time and money, and it is shown that a good conversion will result in more visitors and better experience for users of the website.

To outsource a process of conversion of PSD to HTML simply provide your designs in PSD format professional and this made the entire conversion process.

Some advantages of opting for specialized professional services are:

  • Hand Coded
  • Pixelated perfect
  • Well commented
  • Support for multiple browsers
  • W3C validation
  • Semantic Annotations for SEO
  • Term
  • Cost

If you opt to outsource the process, these services usually take place between 1 and 8 working days depending on the difficulty of the project.

Automatic tools?

The PSD to HTML conversion is a process in which they are transferring designs and content by specialists to a digital format to be read by search engines, aggregators … The tools offer automatic conversion they are an option, but usually don’t offer the same quality as manual coding by a professional expert.

“The tools that provide automatic conversion is an option, but usually do not offer a job of the same quality as manual coding by a professional expert.”


Criteria for choosing a good professional

There is a wide range of businesses and freelance professionals that offer PSD to HTML conversion, so it is important to understand what best suits the needs of your project. Finally, here are five points to keep in mind when choosing agencies or freelancers when:

  • See the portfolio
  • Ask for a price and negotiate
  • Experience in similar projects
  • Customer relationship from the first offer
  • Positive recommendations from previous customers