Convert MS Word files to PDF or PDF to Word files Online | +5 ways

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Microsoft Word is the best known and most widely used word processing software in the world, thanks to its wide variety of tools, the format used by this program is known as DOC and currently many students use this tool to do their homework, but in this digital age where tasks are sent through the Internet such as email or forums.

Many users are in doubt of how to convert Word files to PDF or PDF to Word format lighter than is requested in most cases. To do this task of converting the different formats from one to another can be achieved with programs, but today you will learn in a simple way how to achieve this without programs.

NOTE: In this tutorial, we will only go through one way. The rest online tools, we will leave the website below in this article.

1.-Open your browser

So simply open your browser (Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome..etc) and go to the following page


word to pdf

2.-What mode do you want to convert

This page offers many types of formats not only convert a Word to PDF or vice versa, it also allows you to join other PDFs, to divide them among other options. When we choose 1 a mode will ask us to drag the file that we want. So simply drag your file and drop in. Or choose a file.word to pdf2

3.-Wait …


The moment you drag the document it will take a few minutes to upload and convert, this will depend on your Internet connection.word to pdf4

4.- Review the results

When the conversion is finished download the resulting file and compare to see if everything is fine.

With this tool you can convert any format your document, of course, this page is free but has its limitations so if you want to enjoy all its benefits you must pay, if you do not mind waiting for a little for each document you want to transform, then this is your page. Best of all is that you avoid downloading any program that does this function to be in safe side.

The list of services this website offers:

Compress PDF, PPT to PDF, PDF to PPT, JPG to PDF, PDF to JPG, Excel to PDF, PDF to Excel, Edit PDF, Word to PDF, PDF to Word, Merge PDF, Split PDF, Rotate PDF, eSign PDF, Unlock PDF, Protect PDF

Save to PDF directly from Word

Actually, you can also save a Word to PDF directly from MS Word 2008 or 2010. Simply click on “File” then “Save As“, select “Browse” and choose a location where you cant to save then pull down where it says “File Name” and Select PDF.

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Other available online tools


There you go. Please leave a comment in case you have questions or another tool suggestions.