How to convince someone (8 secret tricks)

How to convince someone

More than once you have felt that impotence. Of not achieving what you want, or not listening or paying attention wherever you are. Give your opinions, and you try to convince people to do something for you; But nothing happens.

They ignore you. Why?

To convince people, you have to take on a great challenge (and a great responsibility).

 It does not matter if you want to convince your partner to make a decision, sell your new business idea to investors, or convince your friends to accompany you on your new adventure trip.

You have the duty to know and practice the science of persuasion.

To trust you, and believe in your ideas and proposals, you will need to touch certain “buttons” in the minds of people.

There is a big difference between charging $ 10,000 and $ 80,000 a year in counselling. This difference will achieve taking a power of conviction and work today.

13 years ago, when I was president of my undergraduate class, I was able to convince most of my classmates to join my proposals. I also did it when I wanted to convince my first clients to hire my services for higher prices.

How to convince someone (8 secret tricks)This was achieved by applying a great secret: THE POWER OF CONVENTION.

To me, this power has helped me increase my income by 150%.

Even some of my clients have applied the 8 techniques that I share in this article, and have been able to convince 10 times more customers, increasing their income exponentially.

In this article you will learn the 8 essential tricks to convince others who use the most influential people.

How to convince someone (8 secret tricks)Lean on science and psychology, change your personal history and learn to influence others.

WARNING: The solutions presented in this text should be used for the good.  These tricks should apply with LOT care: A great power asks you a great responsibility.  If you pass your hand you can pass as a manipulator. Playing with the minds of others is not a game.


  1. Convince in the right place and time

You should make people comfortable before making a final decision. If you’re going to convince someone to fold to an option, do it at the right place and at the right time.

This influences the mental attitude of the people, and the willingness to be convinced by others.

For example, you are not going to ask your girlfriend to be your girlfriend while she is busy in her office doing her job. If you do, chances are you get a resounding no and you have a hard time. Or worse yet, ignore you. It is better to convince her of your intentions in a place according to your proposal.

How to convince someone

  1. That your intentions are not so obvious

Many times, you are innocent believing that by being direct and direct you can convince people. Well, no. To convince others you have to be more subtle, and not so direct.

Make your proposal attractive and do not be so aggressive. 

For example, if a friend wants you to introduce a friend of yours, you cannot be so direct with her; You will be amazed if you do. To solve this problem, you better make a “casual” meeting where the 3 meets, and share common tastes. In the end, she will agree to share it with your friend if you are not so aggressive in matching her.


  1. To see you as a convincing leader

People feel identified with positive leaders, who have charisma.

It is much more likely that a person is open to being convinced, if you are someone who inspires confidence with your positive attitude and your power over others.

Realize, the best marketers always have a big smile on their face, are motivated and motivate others. This demonstrates security and stability.

Having a positive attitude assures you better results, and you can convince more people to achieve what you want.

It is proven that the best sellers of all time are motivating people.

” Happiness is sometimes a blessing, but it is usually a conquest, ” Paulo Coelho.

Avoid negativity at all costs. People like to feel positively driven.

How to convince someone


  1. Put yourself in the shoes of the other

This is one of the keys to convincing people.

Many times, your limited vision will not allow you to fully understand the situation of others.  Humans want to be understood and feel supported, so you must put yourself in the shoes of the person you want to convince.

It will be easier to persuade her.

For example, in elections, people will not vote for someone who does not understand them. Candidates do their utmost to make voters feel that he understands them: That he has lived through his own shortcomings and needs.

So if you want to convince someone, make a personal effort and try to imagine what is happening.

If you understand and show that you understand, convincing him will be much easier. 

How to convince someone


  1. Speak clearly and be brutally honest

Although you should not be so obvious with your intentions to convince someone, you must maintain a degree of honesty and clarity so that the confidence you have is REAL.

So manifest your intentions subtly and do not deceive others in your goals.

No one likes small print contracts. Be honest with what you can offer.

For example, a seller will always explain the benefits of your products, and knows that hiding something can cost you the sale.

For this you should avoid at all costs being the person who “sells” something with hidden damages. If you do, they will distrust you and you will get a bad name.


  1. Communicate with conviction

Someone who can express with conviction (security when speaking and communicating) all his ideas. This is very important. You will not believe someone insecure, and you will not respect him.

A good example that explains this problem, I saw it several times in my classroom.

When my students had presentations, most of them did not prepare well. When they spoke to the public, they were unsure, and the audience doubted the veracity of the information they shared.

What do you think? Who got good grades? Did your classmates pay attention to them? You know the answer.

But on the other hand, a small group of students always prepared. Everyone paid attention to them, and they believed in what they said firmly. They were the ones who convinced their peers (and their teacher) that they deserved the highest rating.

That is why you must express your ideas with confidence and conviction: This will help you convince others.


  1. Collaborate with someone who needs it

People are sensitive to selfless gifts. If you are someone who usually collaborates, people, on an unconscious level, will feel indebted to you for your collaboration.

Helping others is a matter for natural leaders. Look at the wolves.

The alpha male always helps and is the one who eats last. Even so, he is the leader and his pack respects him.

If you cooperate with others unselfishly, you will be in a position of power. Those who helped will be indebted to you, and it will be easier to influence them.

That is why you must help people without expecting anything in return. You will succeed in establishing trust and they will feel that you owe them a reward for your collaboration. 

How to convince someone (8 secret tricks)

  1. Value the experience of others

The effort of the people has a great value. If you recognise it, your “victim” will be flattered, and be open to your proposals.

You will be able to convince them to take responsibility and do what you want.

Look at it this way. We all like to feel approved: it is from humans to seek acceptance.

So … Why not flatter those you want to influence? This makes them feel valued. For example, if you flatter one of your employees in public, he or she will be more likely to be influenced in the future by you.

Therefore, you must value the experience of others. That way you’ll get them to trust you. 

How to convince someone (8 secret tricks)And you…

What other tricks to convince others do you know?