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Managing online reputation of companies, it is becoming one of the main aspects to work in the digital world. The online reputation is a reflection of a brand online. The main problem with online reputation in business, is not under the absolute control of the brand, but is formed by the opinions of Internet users.

Prosumers, those responsible for “manufacturing” reputation online

Today, there are no user profiles that stand out above the average, are active users on the network and, of course, are participants in building brands. These are called prosumers.

Simply create a blog, comment on a forum or comment something on Facebook and become prosumers, since we’re generating content. Together with the companies they are in charge of establishing a series of dialogues with other users and with the different brands that have digital presence.

On the other hand, we could also talk about the fans. They are users who generate engagement and interact with brands around them, constructing an environment of influencer to other enterprise users.

There is a community around these two figures: the prosumers and enthusiasts, and thanks to the creation of content and the disparity of opinions out there on the Internet, have gotten from their perspective, to create an image about brands, thanks to the great force exerted within the digital community.

How to manage online reputation?

The management of an online reputation involves thorough investigation to find out what has happened so far and know what the current brand positioning in the network. With this research we know the views of professionals, of prosumers, and the fans. On the other hand, we can also know which are the activities and channels that have more movement in the digital environment.

Once we have completed the investigation, we will take appropriate measures to keep the loyalty of the part of the community happy with the brand, thus enhancing the appreciation for them, valuing them and share in everything related to the company making measures. We must be grateful, listen and improve all aspects that they believe can be improved.

Later it will be necessary to keep track and monitor all channels using monitoring tools in order to detect new market trends.

Today, as we have discussed above, there are new tools for analyzing and disseminating information through its own brand and corporate identity. These tools are the RSS and blogs. It can be used to detect immediately what happens on the network, what are the perceptions of users about the brand, whether negative or positive. Best of all of this, is that such data could be achieved immediately if necessary to act as quickly as possible on user feedback to our brand. RSS and blogs are not just for comment, create opinions or broadcast news. Serve more, they serve to retain, to create community, to attract new fans, to attract our fans, to give content to create brand, to add value to the content to users, ultimately to enhance our reputation online. An example of this is blog marketing.

We have to be realistic and have a clear online reputation crisis that can affect us at any time and do much damage. Therefore, we must be vigilant, listen to our users and be proactive to anticipate a possible online crisis. If it were the case we have to be ready or have the services of a marketing consultant specializing in digital marketing and online reputation management.

To finish, I will give you a little advice. If at some point you will have to confront an online crisis, sincere thirst, never lie and transmit transparency and tranquility. This will always be the best option.



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