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In the world there are many countries which have discovered cities, streets and very beautiful attractions.

But they are not only beautiful and enjoyable for its architecture and for its natural beauty but also for its gastronomy, the language they speak and the different ways they have.

Every country is different in every respect and that’s what excites our curiosity about new places, landscapes and customs different from ours.

The options are endless but here we mention some of the countries which in our opinion should know.

1. Germany is said to be the land of beer and has luxurious cities. This country has many tourist attractions like the famous Berlin Wall, the Berlin Cathedral, the three galleries, Siegestor (Victory gate) and the cathedral of St. Bartholomew. But that’s not all, in Germany the pretzel (bread intertwined like pretzels) and Sauerkraut (sour cabbage) there become very famous and worth trying.



2. Argentina: This is a beautiful iconic country. It has beautiful places like the beach of San Antonio, the Humahuaca Valley, Bariloche, Mar del Plata, among others. But the food is not left behind in this country can enjoy the rich roasts, a dish that represents the country. You can also try the choripán, pies and exquisite wine.


3. Australia: Known as the country of kangaroos and koalas live. This country has great Sydney Opera House and its beautiful beaches you should definitely know. Also within its gastronomy is kangaroo meat that sounds weird but it is normal to eat there.


4. Brazil: Besides being known worldwide for its large carnival this country is very famous for its beautiful sights such as: Christ the Redeemer a very representative in that country and the Sugar Loaf a place where you find trams a breathtaking view. As for its cuisine are the Feiojada made from black beans and acarajé (beans and shrimp fried in palm oil) if you go to Brazil you should definitely try.


5. Canada: In this country we find natural wonders like the Grand Canyon, the Gos Morne National Park and many more that are very beautiful, definitely spend unforgettable days where breathe fresh air and live unique experiences. But the food is no slouch either, in their dishes we can find Pie dish, a meat pie; French and pea soup or made from Poutine fries with gravy and curd.


6. China :  has very attractive tourist places like the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Terracotta Warriors and other wonderful places more, plus customs are very different as their food.Their language is difficult to learn, but it will be worth it if you want to make the most of your visit.


7. Japan: Japan is a country that is becoming more important in other continents. It is that this country apart from being known by the sushi is known to have impressive attractions like Nikko, a declared as world heritage city this city is steeped in culture and religion. But we can not forget Tokyo, the capital of this country, where customs and language and delightful. Surely another country you must visit.


We hope that with these little reviews will be excited to know at least one of the countries mentioned and to discover its charm and culture.

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