How to create own secure and free VPN? – Solution with the Amazon Server

How to create your own, secure and free VPN

We teach you how to create your own VPN server to use it on Android or iOS completely free of charge and at no additional cost, the creation process only lasts 10 minutes.

I have already published articles on this subject that make clear my position on VPN : they are necessary, especially if you want to surf anonymously and securely on the web from your iPhone or Android, if you want to see YouTube videos blocked in your region, yes you want to skip the restriction on services that are only available in other countries like Spotify or Pandora and many others. The advantages are many and there are ways to use a VPN with third party applications but in this case you have the form to create own VPN, fast, secure and completely free.

Free, really? Yes it is. This is possible because we will use the Amazon servers in which we have different payment plans but also offer a free one that we are perfect to create a VPN own to allow us to connect our Android phones, any iPhone, iPad or Device with Windows Phone or Blackberry. In fact it is also possible to use it from your computer with Windows or Mac.

It is a simple guide and anyone, without technical knowledge will be able to create and configure, the process of creation and configuration should not exceed 10 minutes, I have already tried and works perfectly.

Advantages of own VPN

We have already selected the best VPN app for iOS and Android and although it is excellent for its versatility of use, creating own VPN has its advantages, to mention a few:

  • With this method you do not need advanced knowledge, anyone can do it as a professional would.
  • The configuration is compatible with computers and mobile devices, from phones to tablets.
  • You connect whenever you want and you can choose from 9 different locations.
  • You vouch for Amazon servers, one of the most reliable companies offering cloud hosting services.
  • If you decide to create your own VPN you have a server for you, the IP is unique, the password and the user. If you do not share it with anyone, it will be only for your benefit.
  • Without limits of monthly consumption.


How to create your own VPN for Android, iOS

These are the steps that you must follow to create and configure your own VPN, when you finish you will see that it is not complicated and you have it active in minutes:

  • Create a free account on Amazon Web Services (AWS) by entering this link, if you already have an account with Amazon you just have to log in. Although we will choose the free plan, we must enter a credit card and billing information. It is an Amazon requirement to create your own VPN, you will not be charged extra.
  • Choose the region that will use your VPN, ie the IP that will show when you are browsing. AWS offers up to 9 locations, three for the United States (North Virginia, Oregon, California), two for the Europe (Ireland, Frankfurt), three for Asia (Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney) and one for Latin America (São Paulo).
  • We go to the console and between the different services we will choose CloudFormation.
  • How to create your own, secure and free VPN
  • In the next menu we will begin to create the profile with the data to connect to the VPN from the mobile or desktop devices. We will click on “Create Stack”.
  • How to create your own, secure and free VPN
  • In the creation of the Stack we will be asked for a name to identify it but will have nothing to do in the access configurations. Choose a name, like MiVPN, has to be pasted. In the last option we must choose the Template, which would be basically the administration interface. At this point we are going to use an already created, only choose in Source the last option Specify the Amazon S3 Template URL and paste this link:
  • How to create your own, secure and free VPN
  • Configuration of access and speed : At this point we will choose the Standard.VPN-Free version that I have tried and it works, as Amazon says, enough to navigate without problems and watch videos if more delay. In addition, we must choose the Username, the password (VPNPassword) and the VPNPhrase, a requirement for greater security. You can choose the data you want with at least 4 letters.
  • How to create your own, secure and free VPN
  • In the Options section you do not need to fill anything, just click on Next to go next step.
  • In the review you have the information of the already configured stack that will allow you to create your own VPN, everything is fine, you can press Create. Ignore-option
  • From click on Create we must wait a couple of minutes that consola generates the data and the Amazon servers make the configuration, once the process is finished you will see three results in green with the phrase  CREATE_COMPLETE, this means that your list is already ready VPN, now we only need the IP address of your server to connect.
  • How to create your own, secure and free VPN
  • To find the IP of your VPN server  you must go to the Outputs tab at the bottom, wait a few seconds and you will see the IP of your own server.

How to create your own, secure and free VPN

Ready : you have completed the whole process and you have the necessary data to configure your own VPN with the data generated by you, ie your VPN server is ready. Let’s go through the configuration:

How to configure your own VPN

Although each device has its own configuration to connect to a VPN server, we can say that this configuration is as generic as it is secure because it supports the most common protocols PPTP and L2TP with IPSEC, which will allow connecting both Android phones and tablets, as iPhone, iPad And other desktop computers, including routers, if you prefer.

Connect VPN on Android

To connect to your VPN server on Android, go to Settings> Wireless & networks> VPN. Click on the + icon to add a new profile and add the user name, in Type leave it as PPTP in the server address enter the IP generated by AWS and press on save.

You can now connect and click on the name of the profile you added in which you must add the username and password that you put when asked when creating your own VPN in the Amazon console.

Connect your VPN to iOS

In iOS in as simple as in Android, for them we must enter in Settings> General> VPN> Add VPN configuration.

Now we only have to enter the data of our VPN in the following way:

  • Description: can be any, but mandatory.
  • Server: The IP of the server that gave you Amazon on the console.
  • Account: the username of your VPN.
  • Password: The password that you chose.
  • Ready, proceed to save and connect by clicking on the button above the name of your new profile.


Maybe it took more than 10 minutes while you followed the steps here explained, but the result is satisfactory. Amazon offers incredible service, reliable, secure and, above all, fast. Obviously you should keep in mind that everything will depend on your connection speed but you should not have too many delays when browsing as would happen with free third party services.

If you found this guide useful, share it. It is a free service that many should know.