Credit Cards: Free services to those who should benefit


When we get a bank card, if it’s for credit or debit card, rarely we even notice all the extras that come in the contract. In fact, most institutions are currently in a fierce war to offer its customers the best plastics with lower fees. From which they are completely free, to those that have cost, but instead offer a number of advantages, almost nobody seems to pay attention to the fine print, which hides all those extra services that might be of use in your day to day.

In general, insurance offered by credit and debit cards are often a great guarantee on travel and commuting. At the same time, the anti-fraud alerts, the payment protection services, exclusive discounts and ATM theft protection are some of the least known by customers. Obviously, you’ll have to check with your bank or retrieve contract your card to access these benefits. For now, I discussed those that are more common, if you want to change your bank or know what you’re really missing the absence of a card or not normally use, take note of what comes next:

Assistance insurance, travel cancellation and protection

The majority of cards have associated with their use to book and pay for travel insurance that covers many of the incidents that may occur with airlines, hotels and other services. In fact, on many occasions when you book a trip, you pay more money to cancel or subscribe a specific insurance without knowing that it would not take, and that includes your card directly.

Fraud Alerts

Many of the cards currently offered in the banking market include different ways to prevent, detect and prevent fraud. In that sense, banks offer services ATM usage alerts and purchases sent directly to your phone and you remember at all times transactions that have been loaded. So, before any strange movement you could give the alarm to your organization to take appropriate measures to fix it.

Payment Protection Services

Many credit cards offer the ability to protect the payment of services and products. This is particularly useful when it comes to network related or purchases made at sites that do not know services. In fact, if you bet on them, you get that if something goes wrong with your purchase, money can be refunded or claimed seller. Clearly it is always better to buy in stores confidence, but when you can not or no stock, resorting to other businesses can be more interesting with this service.

Exclusive Discounts

Many cards offer a range of exclusive discounts to take advantage of simply using them regularly. To find out, some organizations have created specific apps, other promptly send you mails in which you inform them and others have sections in their own web pages from which you can consult at any time. Take advantage of them never have cost to you and can actually be a good savings at the end of the month.

Theft insurance and life insurance

In addition to travel insurance, the most common in the world of banking cards extras, it is not uncommon to find institutions that offer their assurances plastics other extras. For example, some have a policy that covers you in case of an assault or robbery at an ATM.While others have insurance policies that cover you in the event of accidental death or crippling disability. However, to know the detail of coverage and cases in which compensation is best to have carefully read the fine print.

While ends meet is not the first time we spoke you of some insurance associated with the cards you should know, it is true that in many cases is not worth the use of plastics, especially when they have commissions or in the case of buying on creditandhigh interest rates.You must be the one to evaluate when it is better to pay them and when it is better to use cash.Do you have your own plan to pay for services and products either way?


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