Custom Posts and Custom Fields in WordPress

Custom Posts and Custom Fields in WordPress -
Custom Posts and Custom Fields in WordPress -

Although WordPress offers an excellent base tested and more or less sure, sometimes we can see major shortcomings in customizing default CMS as initially WordPress is a CMS for blogs, but due to its success and the incredible developer community have developed plugins, WordPress has become a CMS that is already used for creating almost any web project.

What if we want to create a product catalog by specifying in detail the data sheet? Any solution else besides WooCommerce specific cases like this? As with WordPress itself that is no solution, because there is a plugin called Types that allow us to create Custom Posts with Customs Fields, that is, we can define “templates” new as if they were articles or pages WordPress and put in custom fields we fill.

If you are a programmer, which we mentioned above will be very easy, because it is something that brings integrated the core of WordPress and is very easy to implement, but if you’re not, you can use Types.

With Types We can define the Custom Posts we want through the GUI panel WordPress administration also is also very easy to create custom and template input fields in any Custom Post of the created or even in articles or pages WordPress.

Perhaps the worst problem we have is that Types unprepared for novice users because it can be quite messy if you do not know exactly what you want to do and are not fully aware of the operation of WordPress in relation to the Custom Posts.

Want to create a website for a real estate without using a theme or plugin specific to real estate? Well this is your chance.