Defend Your Bunker In The Game Hills of Glory 3D

Defend Your Bunker In The Game Hills of Glory 3D - -
Defend Your Bunker In The Game Hills of Glory 3D - -

You are a US Army officer in World War II that acts as a bridgehead to the advance into Germany. Earned take a position in which you control a bunker and enemy troops want to recover it by all means. Your mission in Hills of Glory 3D is simple: keep the building intact using all the means you have at your fingertips.

Hills of Glory game is the type 3D tower defense because it keeps the usual parameters such creations: a fixed displacement map, destroy enemy troops that are coming in waves and, of course, a proper place It must be safeguarded before the shooting and actions of rivals. Therefore, learning to play is very simple and just have to know the characteristics of this particular development.

Defend Your Bunker In The Game Hills of Glory 3D - -

Some examples that can indicate is that, unlike other titles (such as Plants vs Zombies), you should not be putting new troops or units, as your only possession is the aforementioned bunker and from this, one should shoot enemies, who often attack in different places to make the defense more complex . Of course, if there are different possibilities to practice an efficient defense.

And these come in the form of weapons, as they have the usual bullets fired by individual units, through the use of more efficient mortar and allow to go much further (and impacting more enemy units), and also is available air support in the form of napalm for the damage is much greater (as well as the time to be effective for the arrival of the units throw it). There are more options, but it is best to be discovered as playing Hills of Glory 3D.

Defend Your Bunker In The Game Hills of Glory 3D - -

The title is played in a succession of missions in which, apart from the goal of maintaining safe bunker, there are others that must be met to get the highest score possible, for example, the number of enemies killed and resistance Guaranteed building that is. In addition, rewards are obtained in the form of coins that enable buy new weapons and also improve you have to, for example piercing bullets impacting allowing troops are protected.

Defend Your Bunker In The Game Hills of Glory 3D - -

Playing Hills of Glory 3D

The truth is that not much complication in this, since the touch screen every time you use and simply what to do is scroll through it to go to the necessary locations and click on the point of impact where the enemies are. By the way, for each type of weapon use a different form of it is used and to be learned (there is a good tutorial in each case to not have any doubt).

Defend Your Bunker In The Game Hills of Glory 3D - -

There are also night and inclement weather attacks, making it more complex to detect the place where the troops are to be removed. Therefore, there are different possibilities that make it attractive to Hills of Glory 3D. Refills are also getting the weapons used also, and Bunker resistance, which is welcome because every time you have to put a “tone” each type of weapon is necessary to spend money , if not we have, there is a problem as it is easy to think.

The graphics are in three dimensions and quite attractive, but not very demanding so the use of Hills of Glory 3D is not very elaborate and devices with a dual-core processor and 1 GB of RAM plays perfectly. Therefore, a choice of the most attractive to have a good time this summer that there is still time. The sound is interesting, but not very remarkable.

Defend Your Bunker In The Game Hills of Glory 3D - -

Download game

It can be achieved Hills of Glory 3D Galaxy Apps and Play Store free of charge , although it is possible to purchase within the development. Therefore, and seen to be free, at least worth giving this title, at least, it is fun for its martial aspect and how to execute different missions to liberate Germany starting from Italy a chance.


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