Designer Tools | 7+ Places To Find Inspiration


Surely more than once you’ve felt LOCKED or LOST and have not known how to continue your project. At such times or situation it is best to rest our minds and look for some inspiration on the network out there. In today’s post, we will go through the 7+ my favorite places to find good and interesting designs that can help you increase your creativity or in other words, “that will give us an idea and inspire us with creatives out there”. 

1. Niice

With a name like Niice, you can be sure you will find a lot of inspiration in this tool. This search engine displays some of the best trends in design. Signing up is free and gives you access to the creation of 5 boards. However, if you really fall in love or like it very much and consider it very useful tool, Niice, you can subscribe to the premium account to get unlimited boards without advertising.

designer-tools-61-places-to-find-inspiration6-tinoshare2. Pinterest

Pinterest is an amazing place to find inspiration on any topic/resource you can imagine. You should be on your list to see what your competition is doing to promote themselves and to promote your own brand as well.

designer-tools-61-places-to-find-inspiration5-tinoshare3. 500px

The photos become art in the hands of a good photographer. That’s exactly what you’ll find on 500px. This vibrant community of photographers will show some of the most stunning images you’ve ever seen. If you like what you see, you can even buy it, 500px offers a market royalty free images.

designer-tools-61-places-to-find-inspiration4-tinoshare4. Behance

Whether you’re looking for inspiration and if you want to hire an artist or designer, Behance offers a range of incredible inspiration. You can find plenty of creative portfolios and spend hours and hours watching all projects.

designer-tools-61-places-to-find-inspiration3-tinoshare5. Designspiration

If you are looking for a simple and easy to use file Designspiration is your tool. To search for an idea or theme, just start typing. It has a search by color, and also includes a button random results. The record in this tool is by invitation, so although you can navigate the site if you are not registered you can not provide new content.

designer-tools-61-places-to-find-inspiration2-tinoshare6. Crayon

It is a large, well organized and very well managed that allows you to store, search and share your favorite pieces of site design. A quick look through the files Crayon’s hard not to be inspired.

designer-tools-61-places-to-find-inspiration-tinoshare7. Moodboard

A mood board is an extremely valuable tool for inspiration. Moodboard is very easy to use, just drag and drop the pieces of inspiration that suit your ‘mood’. A simple, quick and easy way to create an inspiration board incredibly useful for you and your team.



8. GraphicRiver

This one is one of the best tool ever for me. It gives monthly free graphics as, Sound, Video/Motion Graphics, Codes for Web Developers, Themes for Web designers, 3D objects, Images and of course a special place for graphic designers. You can find anything for any projects you have like flyers, fonts, menus, ad banners, corporate designs and so on.

Awesome tool for any type of designers. For other projects that you are interested too buy to shorter your time, you may also purchase and get a license for free and use that particular item for any projects you have.




What sites you visit for inspiration? Tell us about it in the comments!