Disable Cortana in Windows to improve our privacy – Solution

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Nowadays there are few people who use personal assistants. For this reason, we will see below the steps to deactivate Cortana in Windows 10.


Some of the reasons that make it highly recommended to deactivate Cortana are the ones detailed below:

  1. I do not find it useful to use Cortana on a personal computer.
  2. It lacks intelligence and its functionality is very limited. This problem is further accentuated if the version of Windows we use is not in English.
  3. Vulnerates the privacy of users. Cortana is able to monitor the content we have stored on our hard drive, knows the programs we use, record what we write, view our browsing history, record our voice requests, access our location, check our contacts, our mail, our calendar, etc.
  4. Much of the information collected by Cortana is stored on Microsoft servers. The privacy policy of Microsoft lets you use our data in case someone from Microsoft deems appropriate.
  5. It consumes resources of our computer. Personally, I do not like to consume resources from my computer in something I do not use.
Note: Obviously, Microsoft tries to use the data collected by Cortana to improve our experience. However, providing this information also constitutes a material breach of our privacy and it is not reasonable for Cortana to be activated by default.


To deactivate Cortana click the Cortana button and when the menu appears to click on the Setting icon. The following image is in Spanish language for preview only. Keep looking at the steps.

In the configuration menu of Cortana we deactivate all the options that we can see:

Within the settings options, I also recommend pressing the Delete My Device History button. In this way, we will delete the information that Cortana has stored on us.

Then you should follow the following instructions depending on the version of Windows you are using.

Disable Cortana in Windows 10 on any version of Windows

To disable Cortana in any of the versions of Windows we have to access the system registry. To do this we press the key combination Win + R .

When the execute window appears, type the regedit command and press the OK button .

how to disable cortana8

Within the navigation menu of the registry we access within the following route:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Windows Search

Note: If you do not see the Windows Search key, create it manually. To do this, on the “Windows” folder, right click then click on “Key” and rename the folder to “Windows search”

how to disable cortana

Then in the right panel press the right mouse button. A submenu appears in which we select the option New. Then a submenu will be displayed in which we must select and click on the option “DWORD (32bits) Value”.

how to disable cortana

Then select the DWORD value that we just created, press the F2 key and rename the DWORD value (32 bits) with the name “AllowCortana”

how to disable cortana

Once the DWORD value has been renamed, double click on it. Then the following window will appear, in which you must assign the value 0 in the Value data field. To finish, we just have to press the OK button.

Note: To reactivate Cortana we only have to reverse the steps.

With these simple steps we can deactivate Cortana from any version of Windows 10.

Disable Cortana in Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise

Note: This section is only valid for Windows 10 Professional or Enterprice users.

Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise users must press the Win + R key combination. Next, type gpedit.msc and press the OK button.

How-to-disable-Cortana-in-Windows-10_2In the group policy editor, navigate to the following path:

Local Computer Policy \ Computer Configuration \ Administrative Templates \ Windows Components \ Search

Then double click on the option Allow Cortana.

Finally in the window to allow use of Cortana we check the option Disabled and press the button Apply .


With these simple steps, we have already managed to deactivate Cortana in Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise.

Note: To reactivate Cortana we only have to reverse the steps.