How to Disable/Enable Windows 10 Auto Updates – Solution with picture

Steps on how to disable Windows Auto Update3

Windows 10 is a relatively new operating system, which needs updates to improve certain features like performance, aspects, fix errors or simply increase its security, which is why the updates are very important.

However the default operating system is automatically updated, initiating the download regardless of the use of our PC, sometimes annoying and this is why we will teach you how to change the way our Windows 10 is updated. If in case you will have troubles following the steps, download the application “win-updates-disabl-setup” to do it easily.

Steps on how to disable Windows Auto Update

1.- Windows Services

The first step is to go to the start and type “Services” and click on it.

Steps on how to disable Windows Auto Update


2.-Look for the service

When you open the window will show with different services of our operating system, at the end of the list you should find Windows Update. Then click on it.

Steps on how to disable Windows Auto Update


3.- Choose your option

The window will open where in Startup type you will find Automatic, Manual or Disable.

Steps on how to disable Windows Auto Update3

After choosing your startup you must restart your PC, remember that the automatic startup updates the system when it does not have activity, for example at a time when the computer is not in use, but when using the PC again this does not cancel the discharge.

  • The automatic starts the update immediately,
  • the manual requires the user to check if an update is available to start the download.
  • The least recommended is disabled.

If you want to update your system just go to the configuration of Windows 10 – Windows Update – Search Updates. If these updates slow down your connection it is best to choose the manual form and decide when to start the process but do not choose disable because it is vulnerable to viruses, spyware and other threats.

To enable this service or make it auto, simply follow the same step.

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