How to Disable & Enable (on & off) Windows 10 firewall

How to disable Windows 10 firewall_1

In this tutorial, we explain how to disable the Windows 10 firewall. A firewall is a software with the ability to block unauthorised access and at the same time allow the authorised to generally limit, encrypt, decrypt Internet traffic. These programs have the function of protecting our information, preventing the entrance of any other user, or that harmful programs in our PC send information to third parties.

Windows 10 and its predecessors have a firewall that protects our system. But sometimes because it is not correctly configured it can cause certain problems. For example loss of connection, prevents a program from working correctly, some games can not connect, among others.

If you want to learn how to deactivate your firewall, you should only do the steps that I explain on how to disable the Windows 10 firewall.

Open Firewall

Go to the beginning of Windows and in the “Windows Firewall” field.

How to disable Windows 10 firewall_1Go to the option to disable Windows 10 firewall

At the moment of selecting at the beginning will open another window. In it we must choose on the left side “Turn Windows Firewall On or Off “.

How to disable Windows 10 firewall_1Disable the firewall

Now select the “Deactivate Firewall” boxes and with that our Windows 10 firewall will be disabled.

How to disable Windows 10 firewall_1Something important remembers to re-activate the firewall because it is not advisable to leave it disabled unless another firewall is used. This program is as important as an antivirus and adds a little more security to our system, preventing Trojans or computer worms from accessing or sending information.

If at the moment of deactivating your firewall you solve your connection problem, you only have to add that program to the exceptions to avoid blocking it. So that you can re-activate your firewall and continue to have the connection.

If you want to have an alternative to the classic Windows firewall the most known options are: Comodo firewall and ZoneAlarm Free. These are two powerful firewalls that for many users provide better configurations, even more, protection than the same Windows. In addition, these firewalls are completely free.

Any concerns you have about how to disable the firewall in Windows 10 please leave a comment.