Disney’s Real-Time High-Fidelity Facial Performance Capture

Disney's Real-Time High-Fidelity Facial Performance Capture - tinoshare.com
Disney's Real-Time High-Fidelity Facial Performance Capture - tinoshare.com

The digital human who make Hollywood no longer impress, with the risk of approaching the repulsion of the uncanny valley , continue to improve in the recreation of each of the elements of our face, also in the gestures and movements we make.

There are companies such as Disney, with its research and development departments have much to say about it. Today we bring you some of their work on video, showing the quality with which they capture our faces, with a special job in recreating the eyelids.

Disney Research is developing a system to capture faces in “real time” in a process that is done with a single camera. In its work of capture it is not necessary to know the subject: you sit in front of the system, and instantly begin to recognize each element of your face, creating the corresponding mesh, collecting forms and wrinkles. The more gestures we make, the more information it acquires.

Mickey’s Wrinkles: How Disney Animates Facial Expressions

Depending on requirements, it is possible to capture a medium or high level of detail, creating two different meshes. The more complex the mesh, the better the integration and movements of the texture is placed on top. The developers show us their work in the following video, compared to competing systems:

Disney Animates Facial Expressions

If in general the capture of the face, with many details, is well achieved, the work they do with the reconstruction of the eyelids is to devote a separate video.

They tell us that the eye area is the most difficult to record, with very complex deformation of the skin. Thus special techniques are not used in the rest of the face are used, we are taught in the following video:

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