How to display dollar prices on eBay? | Changeing currency on Ebay

How to display dollar prices on eBay_1

You may be reading this because when you enter eBay and look for a product it appears in the local currency of your country and not in dollars as it should really appear. This eBay has been doing for some time now shows the prices in the currency of the country from which you are visiting the website.

We do not all like prices to look that way and there is a very easy way to get prices displayed in dollars. You can solve this by following the steps explained in this article.

Steps to view prices in dollars on eBay

When you go to eBay, make a search for a product that you want to search. At the top right of the results click where it says “View”. Two options will be displayed. Click the “Customise” button.

How to display dollar prices on eBay_1

You will see a box in the middle where you can deactivate the box that says “Convert prices to [your local currency name]”.

How to display dollar prices on eBay_1

When you do that, click “Apply Changes” to save the changes you made. Note that we can modify other important options of the results that we want to appear.

What to do if it does not work for you?

If it still does not work, check the following factors.

  • Make sure you have cookies enabled in your browser. Cookies are necessary for many websites to function properly. That option is saved in the cookies of the browser, if you have them disabled you may not be able to change the currency to dollars.
  • Try restarting the browser.
  • You can also log in to your eBay account. By doing so the settings will be saved to your account and not to your computer.

If you have any doubts about how to visualise prices in dollars on eBay do not hesitate to leave it in the comments.