DJI presents Phantom 4, a new generation of flying cameras

DJI presents Phantom 4, a new generation of flying cameras - (5)

DJI Phantom presented this week 4, the first drone that uses computer vision technology and advanced sensitivity to facilitate the taking of aerial images. With respect to the previous generation, the new Phantom adds intelligence to facilitate piloting and shooting, using features such as Obstacle Sensing System, ActiveTrack and TapFly.

DJI – Introducing the Phantom 4

The Obstale Sensing System uses two optical sensors located on the front to scan obstacles and automatically steer the drone around them, reducing the risk of collisions. If the system determines that the obstacle can not be surround, the computer will slow and wait until redirect the user. The system also works with “Return to Home” returning to their place of origin.

DJI – Phantom 4 – The Most Powerful Technology

DJI presents Phantom 4, a new generation of flying cameras - (6)ActiveTrack allows users to use the DJI Go application on your Android and iOS devices to track and keep the camera focused on the object while moving, performing tap on the object to be followed on the screen of the smartphone or tablet. Phantom 4 has technology that understands the 3D images and uses a learning system that allows you to follow the object, even when it changes shape or rotates as it moves. Users have complete control when this function is used, allowing even move the camera around the object, keeping it in the center of decision automatically.

With TapFly users can perform a double tap on the DJI Go application to a destination point, and calculate the route 4 Phantom optimum flight to get there.


DJI presents Phantom 4, a new generation of flying cameras - (2)Phantom camera 4 is still the best camera shooting 4K optimized for aerial imagery, and have improved some aspects, including the optical system to achieve more precision in corners and reduces chromatic changes. The team also includes video transmission system that allows users Lightbridge see on their smartphones or tablets in real time and in HD what the camera sees up to a distance of five kilometers.

The flight system has been redesigned to achieve more aerodynamic lines. The frame has a center of light to achieve greater stability compound; and it has a gimbal that achieves greater stability and less vibration. The center of gravity has been re located.

It has also improved engine efficiency by changing the power management system, and uses a smart battery with an extension of flight time up to 28 minutes.

As a novelty, the Phantom 4 has a new Sport Mode mode for advanced users, which allows a kind of drone race, with speeds up to 20 meters per second and promotions and super fast descents. The mode is also very useful to reach places quickly.

The new Phantom 4 will sell for a price of $ 1399. From March 1 pre orders can be made through the page DJI and Apple, and the units will begin shipping from March 15. The Phantom 4 also will be on sale at the premises of DJI and in Apple Stores as of March 15.