Do We Have To Be Inexpensive To Get More Customers? | Cost Effective Ways of Getting More Customers

Do We Have To Be Inexpensive To Get More Customers? | Cost Effective Ways of Getting More Customers -
Do We Have To Be Inexpensive To Get More Customers? | Cost Effective Ways of Getting More Customers -

In an era in which we find ourselves today, it is a question that can be done both businesses and individuals to get customers and so have sales. At first, without careful thought, it seems that can be profitable. But is that in really how it is?

Only we have to look around us. There are thousands of companies in ERE, others close their doors and freelancers who have to stop paying your dues and get to work in black, lowering their labor to make money. This is a desperate act to keep the potential they had and stay alive.

But, here it is a very curious thing in all this: there are companies that have not kept their services and is not that they lost customers, but it has increased its rates. So the question we have to ask is whether it is worthwhile or not.


The price you put on your work and you will see your customers (Reactions)

Eye. With this I am not saying that everyone that reduce costs for their services, means other than quality. But what if I try to say is that we are subliminally telling the customer that our work will not be perfect and we are willing to be enslaved by them.

To give you an example, imagine you’re a painter and paint an apartment of 50 square meters used to charge 500 euros. If now you cut in half to get the job, this can happen:

  • The client note your despair
  • They want to take advantage of you
  • They will ask “favors”, free
  • You have the possibility of not having any benefits for any inconvenience that may arise
  • Surely you did not call again

This means that we are willing to enslave and have all kinds of clients, including those who know ourselves unprofitable. Our character is reduced and therefore our opinion will not have the slightest importance.

At the time that a customer feels he is above you, you are lost.


Enforce your rules is to have better conversions

There is a significant fact of all this. Turns out they do not give in, the price is the logical and give the necessary explanations, the client has in mind and take your work more seriously. Not only benefits us mentally customer, but it also:

  • It will look like a professional and not a hustler
  • Will recommend to others
  • No money will have heavy losses

Given that in all sectors, “things are very bad,” the losses are obvious, but if we do then we get worse the situation is reduction is increased by more than 50%. Do you really want this?

We will find customers who do not agree to our conditions and simply reject us. But I want to see him from a different perspective, you have to thank these situations because it will be a problematic and unproductive client.

Now who told you all this do you think you are interested in being cheaper to reach more customers?


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