Do you have the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur? Find out here!


If you have reached this page looking for what are the characteristics of an entrepreneur is because surely you want to know how to start a business on your own, and if you’re really cut out to be your own boss and take on the many challenges that entails.

Below you will find the 11 characteristics that define the most successful entrepreneurs; but you know what? Give them all these alleged qualities, seriously. If you feel you lack any of them, it’s ok, because: the entrepreneur is not born, it’s done.

And I’m sure, although at first all the conditions to be a good entrepreneur, your desire to start a business and have financial freedom will be more than enough to win; the rest you will learn along the way.


The 11 characteristics of an entrepreneur successful


1. Passion

Although only passion is not enough to create a business, help – and much – have it. Being an entrepreneur is not easy, but if you succeed, it is extremely satisfying; and keep in mind that your new business will absorb hours of your time especially in the beginning.

Therefore it is essential that the activity you do is to love it.

2. Courage and determination

One of the qualities that is also important is to be brave : entrepreneurs face problems that many others have not, and we must learn to accept and make decisions firm (have determination) to address them effectively.

This is one of the characteristics or yes you must have before you start your project, because I assure you that the path of an entrepreneur to get what he wants is not easy , and you can not feel fear before taking the first step to begin this hard way.

3. Confidence

Inevitably, this quality is linked to the previous one. If you are brave to make decisions, you should also be sure and have confidence in the decisions you take and bear out.

In addition, it will be very helpful to know what your strengths and how you can apply them to achieve the goals you have in mind for your business.

4. Creativity

Creativity allow you to create products or services that are to be sold on your business. Although not necessary to invent anything: your ideas and imagination can take new or different uses of a product on the market, or even improve it.

Having creativity is easier to discover new possibilities of doing things and so differentiate yourself from your competition.

5. Initiative

Every good entrepreneur must have enough initiative to launch a new business, knowing that there are risks, but wishing with all his might achieve certain goal.

Not to mention that the initiative is the main characteristic for one of the most important tasks such as search and approaching investors to invest in the project.

6. Ability to learn

An entrepreneur is in constant learning from their mistakes every day, because they know that he has the absolute truth that can make mistakes, and are willing to learn from them.

So they have the capacity to listen to others and learn and improve from anyone: both partners, their customers, and their rivals.

7. Optimism

Being optimistic and confident makes self confidence and skills you have, getting arising power to attract success and better manage day-to-day problems that arise in any business.

8. The timing

A good entrepreneur knows how to identify problems
, needs, and solutions that people around them need to make their life better, and used as an opportunity to generate new ideas for products or services that solve these everyday problems.

9. Organization. Organizing. Being Organized

For me, this is not just a characteristic of an entrepreneur, but a quality that we all have or carry out when we want to achieve a particular goal either professionally or personally.

Establish a program of activities, timetables, schedule or any other type of organization is essential to achieve an orderly life or the success of a business.

10. Teamwork

It is clear that if at first you do not have much money to invest in your business, not anyone. You hired yourself and be who handles everything; but over time, you expand your template and must know how to be a good leader for teamwork.

The good boss is one who gets to unify the ideas of its employees (and reach a fair consensus), and knows how to motivate them so that there is harmony in the group and, of course, and increase the effectiveness of teamwork.


11. Business Vision. Vision to look what comes after

The corporate vision is to see success beyond what everyone else sees it. Surely if you ask someone what he would look like a candle business smelling pizza stuffed in an empty can of soup, he will tell you that is a certain failure.

However, Hart Main, a child of only 13 years, had entrepreneurial vision to see beyond an ordinary person, and today his extravagant business idea is more successful than ever, and generates thousands of dollars a week.