Documentary Movies for Entrepreneurs to Boost Business & Be Inspired


The entrepreneurs must be kept in constant training, it is important to stay updated with current changes in the market, marketing strategies, digital environment or anything else that help to boost business.

We have already shared some lists courses, books, podcasts and other resources; that will help you learn more about on how to effectively manage an online business. However, there is another way to learn that you can be attractive and entertaining: documentary movies and movies on the subject of the entrepreneurship.

The documentaries are a great way to convey an idea in an entertaining way to inspire action or simply to convey information. So to help you find inspiration, new ideas or techniques to apply to your business, we share a list of  really useful documentaries that every entrepreneur should watch.

These documentaries share an entertaining story that provides valuable insight into the success of a business.

Indie Game: The Movie

In the documentary the process of launching an independent video game is captured, you can observe the work and dedication required to succeed in an industry with larger competitors. Captures the raw and feelings through drama every entrepreneur

The story captures the entrepreneurial spirit and inspires you to continue your dream of reality or strengthen your business.


This is a documentary about the history of Napster, one of the services marked an important point regarding internet file sharing.

The story focuses on the rise and fall of Napster as a service marking the digital revolution and brought a series of changes that completely transformed the music business. See it will help you understand a little context and think more about how to deal with the new digital changes.


This is a documentary that explores the fascinating digital revolution, talks about the way in which relations have become and how important the web and social networks for people turned. All this counted as an autobiography of the author Tiffany Shlain.

If you are beginning to understand how your audience interacts in social networks, this is a documentary that can help you.


This documentary talks about the launch of a start-up real, shows problems with partners, fundraising and many other stages in the creation of a company. It can really help you analyze these situations from the outside to improve your ability to solve problems and motivate you to move forward with your own business.

The Virtual Revolution

It is a series of 4 documentaries produced by the BBC, which analyzed decades of developments in the internet emphasizing its advantages and disadvantages, both for large corporations and consumers. Talk about Internet privacy and other important issues. Throughout this documentary, you will see great personalities like Jeff Bezos.

This piece can give you a different view on the importance of data privacy and how you can build trust, then you will see the different risks that each consumer is exposed and more.

American Experience: Henry Ford

It is the documentary about the life of Ford and exposes its interesting contributions to the world of management that forever changed the way businesses are run.

Without the doubt, know its history is a way to motivate, but also understand about his thoughts and ideas will give you an insight into management and leadership that will be of great help to run your business.

Freakonomics (The hidden side of the economy)

Documentary Movies for Entrepreneurs to Boost Business & Be Inspired -

It is a collection of the documentary based on the book written by economist Steven Levitt and journalist Stephen J. Dubner, interesting economic points are shared related to everyday life in which scientific and economic behind the behavior of those concepts are explored.

Ayn Rand: Her words

Documentary Movies for Entrepreneurs to Boost Business & Be Inspired - tinoshare.comThis piece is a collection of interviews and readings of the writer Ayn Rand. It was long considered an inspiration for entrepreneurs. In this documentary, Rand presents philosophical arguments about the power of reasoning, believing that the reason is a guide for action.

Check out to learn more about how to face challenges and solve problems by focusing on a logical solution.

Google me

Google Me is a documentary based on the story of Jim Killen, who undertakes a search on Google to find people with the same name in the world. It can help you understand how information is shared on Google and how users find what they want, so you can learn more about the search engine to perform actions positioning your website. Do not forget that Google is the largest search engine today.

Print the legend

“While you are an entrepreneur, emerge something new, something you did not expect and what you have to deal”. This is one of the phrases that the documentary begins and as an entrepreneur, you will feel identified.

This is an original Netflix documentary that tells the story of the race to bring to market the first 3D printer, one of the artifacts that would mark the technology revolution.

Undoubtedly, this is an excellent documentary visionaries. It shows the difficulties that can run into the new entrepreneurs running innovative ideas and how to overcome them.

No logo

This is a documentary by Naomi Klein, a female journalist, writer and researcher, based on his book of the same name. This documentary shares information about how brands impact on our lives, both culturally and socially.

It is an interesting insight into brands, you can not miss the opportunity to understand a little more about branding.


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