How to download videos from Facebook without programs


Facebook is one of the most used web pages of the moment, currently the majority of people have an account on this page, it is published an endless number of images and videos, but when we watch a video of this page and we want to save it but we do not know what/how to do it. I in this guide you will learn how to download the videos of Facebook without using any type of program

NOTE & WARNING: This tutorial is for personal use only. You are not allowed to use the content of others as your own or download the videos without letting the owner know about it. The method below is used only with a browser and cannot be used in the Facebook app.

So let’s start:

1.-Watch the video you want to download

The first thing you should do is to watch the video you want to download, it is important to see some seconds of the video so that we have the next option …

How to download videos from Facebook

2.-Link of the video

When the video already has a few seconds of playback, just right click and select “Show video URL” this option only appears when the video already has a few seconds loading.

NOTE: If you are not able to find the link, remember that when you clicked on the video, it will open a pop-up window. Look up to the address bar and you will find the link to the video.

How to download videos from Facebook

3.-Copy the link

When showing the link of the video press “Ctrl + C” or right click copy.

How to download videos from Facebook

4.-Paste and modify the link

This part is important, we copy the video link in the browser. And we delete “https: // www.” We put “m.Link” as shown in the image. It is important that the link is not modified after. as it may give us an error. After all press Enter.

How to download videos from Facebook

How to download videos from Facebook

5. Wait for the videos to load

When we redirect the page we must reload the video for a few seconds.


6.-Save the video

From here the process is the same as saving an image, right-click and save video as … and our video will start to download without problems.

The quality of the videos does not change much, but the resolution is the same as using tablets or smartphones so you can vary the size, usually the weight of these videos is not the big thing either, since its format is 3gp or Mp4 depending on the case, offering an optimum quality and light weight.

This can be done in any browser, be it Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.