How to dress for an interview to be a journalist

Businessman Getting Interviewed

How to dress for an interview to a journalist? You have sent your resume and the company was impressed with you on paper. But in the journalism industry, you should also impress personally. Whether you are interviewed by a newspaper journalist, Radio or TV, you must achieve the look of a credible individual. In most races of journalists, there is a lot of interaction with the public. Give a good first impression is a key to a successful career. Always dress to impress.

Clothing for men

  1. Go shopping if you have no proper clothing. Before getting the job, you’ll need three to five shirts with a button-down collar, four ties and two pairs of pants. Mix and match your wardrobe will allow you to have a new outfit for two full weeks of work.
  2. For the interview, choose a plain dark blue shirt or forest green, colors that highlight the color of your skin.
  3. Combine your tie with the shirt you have chosen. Most neckties have drawings, so you must use a plain shirt.
  4. Choose a pair of khaki, black or dark gray pants.
  5. Try on clothes the day before the interview to make sure everything is properly looking good.
  6. Iron all your clothes. Always.
  7. Put on your clothes and look in the mirror before leaving home to make sure everything looks elegant and at the right place.


Clothing for women

  1. Go shopping. Women tend to feel better about themselves when they have a new outfit. An interview is a perfect excuse to get a new suit.
  2. Purchase a set of three pieces, including a skirt or pants, a white blouse, and jacket. Choose a costume of a color that complements the color of your skin.
  3. Try on the suit before the big day to make sure you have left correctly.
  4. If necessary, iron all clothes.
  5. Comb your hair carefully and stand very little makeup.
  6. Get dressed and look in the mirror before going to the interview to make sure everything is neat and in place.


Tips & Warnings

Men should always wear black socks when wearing pants because the pant legs tend to rise when they sit.

Women should wear a shoe with heels if they are used to them because it gives them a little extra height.

Women should avoid glare on red lips and eyeshadows. Use pale brown and pink colors for a natural glow.