Dubike Electric Bicycle That Aspires To Be A ‘SmartBike’


Dubike is not just a project of electric bike, it is something else. The company Baidu China presents a machine that aims to fuse various technologies for urban cycling that I have been telling almost independently, in one concept. 

What we can expect from Dubike? On the one hand, an electric bike that meets the standard power levels and speed, but with a different engine; and secondly, a new level of connectivity and data management cyclists already begin to see on other bikes. All this, aderazado with a design for the occasion, a potentially prohibitive price , and doubt began to emerge before this avalanche of features: ¿urban, but sports?

Dubai Smartphone

Like so many bikes alternative engine, Dubike is the result not only of Baidu, but also the design department of Tsinghua University. There has also come a new level of energy regeneration that promise from Baidu. It is not a new concept, and we know you, for example, the Italian kit Zehus Bike + that frees us from a large number of refills to fuoriserie Pininfarina . However, striking choosing instead chain belt.

For now, this capability has been sold to enhance their self-sufficiency in feeding their LED lights or charging our phones. This is where we connect with the side smart electric bicycle.

Social located and, sport?

Three concepts recent projects begin to embrace (we saw the other day with the power of Piaggio ).Although it seems contradictory, it seems a trend that cycling is copying automotive in particular, and other sectors in general. Does it make sense that an urban bike inform us of our heart rate and our power? This last figure is something that is becoming popular, and it shows very useful for professional sports.

Anyway, the Dubike us informed of these cardiac data, we bring strength or cadence; and you will have the ability to store this information on our smartphone via Bluetooth to analyze that, if we want or need.

Its integrated GPS also contribute their bit to locate and provide the information, and to be seen, the degree of social integration demotrará the Dubike.Something that does not specify too, but no doubt that will bring.



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