Duties and Responsibilities of Journalists


A journalist writes professionally about the world’s problems, local events, people and trends. There is a lot of responsibility to which a journalist faces when presenting the material to the public. Professional journalists follow a standard of conduct and ethics when working in environments of media such as radio, newspapers, magazines and the Internet.


Legal responsibilities

Journalists face significant legal liability. They should know their rights and the rights of each individual and must ensure that they comply with the legal issues. This will ensure that there is no interference in the affairs of confidentiality and privacy. Defamatory and slanderous statements may result in legal action against journalists.


Social responsibilities

The media relate current events to the rest of society. These events are in the form of images and articles. It is the duty of a journalist to ensure that the information is presented in a fair, balanced and truthful manner. Relate current events helps to keep the general public and provides it with entertainment. It is the duty of a journalist not to sensationalize any media event for their own benefit.

Professional liability

A journalist has a professional responsibility to present an accurate portrayal of events as they occur. This is usually achieved by the excellent and thorough investigation. A professional journalist present only the facts, leaving aside their own opinions.


Ethical responsibility

Journalists are bound to a code of ethics. An ethical journalist provide the public with meaningful information, but also know when the information is too sensitive to be informed. For example, to report a crime or a death, journalists must be aware of the family members who are involved or which have not yet been notified of the tragedy.


Reporting the news

Journalists have a responsibility to be active in their community. They learn to discover the facts and know what is relevant and useful before printing. They examine carefully through insignificant stories and report on what the public is interested.