E-Smart Connect: Volkswagen Develops Its Own Robot Recharge


In early 2015 we knew that Tesla Motors working on an automatic recharge using a robotic arm. The idea is to develop a technology to locate the position of the car outlet and plug the hose alone. Well, today we learned that Volkswagen is submerged in a similar development under the name e-Smart Connect project .

The German manufacturer suggests something not said then, which is that for modes of ultra-fast recharge who envision their next generation of very high power batteries (to be required between 80 and 150 kW say the Germans, or more), which It is possible with the charging system by direct current (DC). However, the weight and stiffness of the cables are not properly, and human makes possible handling of the matter.

For the e-SmartConnect system manufacturer uses the services of LBR iiwa Kuka, one of the leading companies in the field of robotics.The robot and the company have been applying their efforts and solutions to production processes in the automotive industry, more specifically in the assembly.

The automation process requires the vehicle CD plug is positioned within an area of 20 x 20 centimeters, and thus the communication between the two units is required. This is achieved through the data transmission between vehicle and station systems support the car and a camera mounted on the robot retainer. According to the manufacturer, the connection is achieved accurately without any need for human intervention.

On the table are several questions we, as the dates on which Volkswagen plans to begin to implement the system, and if I do, affect the arrival of wireless charging systems . The manufacturer points compatibility with other automation project parking and recharging dubbed V-Charge .