Ear Problems in the Elderly

Ear Problems in the Elderly

The aging process can cause a loss of hearing ability. For older people, wearing a hearing aid is often the best solution to this problem. Know the most suitable for you.

Ear Problems in the Elderly

The noise pollution is a problem in today’s society that is causing the hearing loss is a very common alteration, not only in the elderly. It is estimated that the hearing loss, or loss in quality and sound reception, affects 16% of European adults, the study Evaluation of the Social and Economic Costs of Hearing Impairment. If this noise is combined with the process of aging, which naturally causes hearing loss, the result is a particularly common condition in the elderly.

The main hearing impairment that of older people is the loss of that capacity. When this condition arises as a result of the passage of time is called presbycusis, being a natural consequence of aging. Although there are other factors that can advance or enhance this problem, such as noise pollution, going fulfilling years means that the hair cells, responsible for detecting the sound reaching the ear internal, die slowly, a situation that makes it impossible for the brain to Perceive the information. These cells do not regenerate and, therefore, the hearing loss is irrecoverable.


Although the diagnosis of presbycusis usually occurs after age 60, decreased auditory perception can begin from 30. Given the time in which it appears, we can distinguish two types of presbycusis:

  • Early presbycusis : surge in advance from the 50 years.
  • Accelerated presbycusis : hearing loss is noticeable from the 60 years, but evolves very rapidly, so that the person in a short time has a significant hearing loss.

Another hearing impaired elderly themselves are bilateral tinnitus (in both ears). Although it can occur at any age, it is very common for elderly people with presbycusis also present tinnitus.

It is not an otorhinolaryngological disease, but a perceptive phenomenon that causes the person to hear blows or sounds inside their ears or head, without coming from the outside. Those who feel them often describe them as buzzing, buzzing, or simple beats, sometimes so loud that they do not allow them to hear clearly. One of the causes of its appearance are the changes that occur in the auditory system, or vascular anomalies that arise in old age.

If you feel any loss in the quality of your hearing you should go as soon as possible to be examined by a specialist, since knowing the problem that affects your ears will allow you to put solutions to recover it as much as possible, in many cases, as we will see Then by wearing suitable hearing aids.

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