Electric Car Sales Stagnate In The US

Electric Car Sales Stagnate In The US - Hi-Tech - tinoshare.com
Electric Car Sales Stagnate In The US - Hi-Tech - tinoshare.com

f last year at this time sales of plug-in electric cars to the US stood at the forefront of the world in terms of number of units, it is certain that by 2015 the trend has stopped. You can not say that they are malfunctioning, but the market is not getting power grow above the previous year.

Only Tesla Motors, motivated by their own objectives, is surpassing its previous year’s figures. Other electric models, even the most popular like the Nissan LEAF , are undergoing stagnation .

Electric Car Sales Stagnate In The US - Hi-Tech - tinoshare.com

So far this year have sold nearly 55,000 units of automobiles in the US plug, which would reach the symbolic figure of 100,000 for the second year, but stay away from the plug 123 049 cars that were registered in 2014.

It seems that this is a generational issue, namely, that in the ads the next generation of the Chevrolet Volt and the Nissan LEAF with 30 kWh , sales are feeling. And likewise, in the medium term, the arrival of a new generation with over 300 kilometers of electric range for several manufacturers may be also operating as a brake on those who believe in change and electric heat.

Electric Car Sales Stagnate In The US - Hi-Tech - tinoshare.com

The Tesla Model S is oblivious to any crisis

Meanwhile, deliveries of the Tesla Model S in the United States continues surpassing, to place it again as the country’s best-selling electric car, and distancing the other two mentioned models have historically been the best selling. It is estimated that Tesla has distributed 2 800 units of the Model S, which would be its second best historical record in the country.

So far in 2015 the manufacturer has already reached the 11,600 registrations . Not bad for the first six months of the year. In the world, according to results published after the second quarter, the figure is around 21,500 units , in a race to reach 55,000 by the end of the year .

Except for the Model S, the Nissan LEAF (with 2,074 units) and Volt (with more than 1,200), no electricity in the US market gets through 800 units delivered. This is another factor that is making sales grow not get much further. We’ll see if the next and imminent encourage more developments get the picture.