How to Enable or Disable the Laptop’s touchpad – Solution

enable or disable the laptop's touchpad

In this tutorial, we explain step by step how to activate or deactivate the Touchpad of the laptop. Many times we want to deactivate the mouse tactic because we already have one connected and we do not want that when using the keyboard of the laptop the same obstructs.

The easiest way to do this is by checking the taskbar on the right where the volume and Internet connection icon appears. Usually, there is a Touchpad icon on the laptop. The same is usually an icon of a Touchpad or a red icon of Synaptics. What you have to do is right-click and then click “Properties“. If you don’t see it, don’t worry, we will explain in different methods below.

icon touchpadDoing so will open a window in which you will have the option to disable or activate the Touchpad. If the laptop is Dell Inspiron you are likely to get an interface like the following.

dell touchpad

If it is Lenovo, Acer, Toshiba, Sony Vaio or any other brand will most likely appear as follows.


Disable the laptop’s touchpad in case it does not appear in the taskbar

If you do not see the icon in the taskbar you may have it configured as hidden. What you have to do is go to Control Panel. You can do this by opening run and typing the command “control” and then click “OK“.

enable or disable the laptop's touchpad

Doing so it will open the control panel. There, look for the option called “Mouse“.

enable or disable the laptop's touchpadIt will open a window, go to the tab that has the Synatics icon that says “Device Settings“, it would be the same as in the image exposed above.

Second method to disable the Touchpad on the laptop

Go to Control Panel, then click “Mouse.”

enable or disable the laptop's touchpadIn a window that opens, go to the “Hardware” tab.

enable or disable the laptop's touchpadThen you will see several devices including the touchpad of your laptop. Select it and then click where it says “Properties” in the button that is below.

enable or disable the laptop's touchpad

Then another window will open, click on “Change Settings” and then go to the “Driver” tab and then click the “Disable” button.

enable or disable the laptop's touchpadIf you already have it disabled and you want to activate instead of disabling you will see the “Enable” button. After making the changes click on accept in all the windows.

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