12+ Entrepreneurship Inspirational Movies | Must watch


Starting a business is overwhelming: a million obstacles may stand in your way every day. Why don’t you take a break and take advantage to see any of these 12 entrepreneurial/business lesson movies?

In them you will find the inspiration and motivation lessons you need to get on with your business, whether watching a comedy that makes you laugh and give you new ideas, a documentary which reflect, or a dramatic film to learn to avoid some mistakes.

Prepare popcorn and enjoy the 12 films that I recommend and you should see if you are an entrepreneur, listed in chronological order.

12+ Motivational & Inspirational Movies For Entrepreneur

Wall Street (1987)

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The character of Gordon Gekko has gone down in history as one of the most infamous and greedy big screen. The film is about the unethical and questionable decisions of Bud Fox to become a millionaire as Gekko, an investor-entrepreneur.

Moral: the goal of an entrepreneur is not only to become rich and famous, so you do not sell only for money.

Cocktail (1988)

12+ Entrepreneurship Inspirational Movies - Must watch 1 - tinoshare.com.jpgTom Cruise becomes Brian Flanagan, who tells his adventure to open his own bar, and all the obstacles that get in his way in the attempt; To do this, takes business classes, and reads guide on how to start a business successfully.

Moral: despite their theoretical knowledge when Flanagan really learn what a business is, when he gets behind the bar. And he realizes that, although sometimes it is smart to have a mentor to guide you in the process, you have to choose partners wisely.

Forrest Gump (1994)

12+ Entrepreneurship Inspirational Movies - Must watch 2 - tinoshare.com.jpgWho doesn’t know this movie?  While the main story is different, the plot that interests us, here is the good of Forrest and how to invest the $ 25,000 and win playing ping pong on a ship to start own shrimp business.

Moral: the power of friendship can take you very far. The success of the company Bubba Gump shows that choosing the right partner can affect not only your company but also your personal life. As Gump says, “Life is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re gonna get.”

Pirates of Silicon Valley (Pirates of Silicon Valley – 1999)

2-Entrepreneurship-Inspirational-Movies-Must-watch-3-tinoshare.com_.jpgA made-for-television film that chronicles the early days of Silicon Valley (the main technology center in USA) and the subsequent success of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, giving an interesting overview of the founders of Microsoft and Apple.

Moral: more than a lesson, this film brings inspiration of the two major technological visionaries who have been in the twentieth century, and war can bring into a relatively new market.

Chocolat (2000)

12+ Entrepreneurship Inspirational Movies - Must watch 4 - tinoshare.comA woman named Rocher and her daughter decided to open a chocolate shop in a small French village. The people are skeptical at first, but Rocher gets to win them over with her passion and, of course, with its delicious chocolates.

Moral: Rocher is the perfect example of a business owner in a small places. Your customers become like family and your products have loyal fans that any owner would like for their company.

The Informer (Boiler Room – 2000)

12+ Entrepreneurship Inspirational Movies - Must watch 5 - tinoshare.comA young man who just finished college gets a job at a brokerage house in the suburbs, where up to the pinnacle of success quickly. However, work is not everything that should be legal …

Moral: in this film you will get to see some steps to be an entrepreneur, but also teaches us the choice between what is wrong and what infamous that you get to do in certain businesses. One of the best films of entrepreneurs that exist with some performances bordering on perfection.


The Aviator ( 2004)

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Based on the true life of Howard Hughes, that tells the story of this eccentric entrepreneur, investor, and film producer (in other professions) and its beginnings. Everything is in a business under entrepreneurial, it is true that the money and the company of his father also helped him to start.

Moral: well that this man who was a true entrepreneur, the film shows how the fascination, dedication and perseverance by a business idea can come true if you really want and persecute.

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

12+ Entrepreneurship Inspirational Movies - Must watch 7 - tinoshare.comAnother film based on the real life of Chris Gardner. It is one of the most inspiring and motivational stories for entrepreneurs, which tells how a father, caring only for his son, and through the worst of situations, he want to get the job; thanks to his tenacity.

Moral: if Chris stood in the street, did not stop fighting for his dream to have, he and his son, a better future. That is, the passion and the sacrifice is something that all entrepreneurs must be willing to give and to have.


Flash of Genius (2008)

12+ Entrepreneurship Inspirational Movies - Must watch 8 - tinoshare.comActor Greg Kinnear gives life to Bob Kearns, inventor in real life the windshield, offering his invention to the factories of Detroit but they never recognize him as the author of the product. Therefore, he had harsh legal battles with the different corporations that “stole” their intellectual property.

Moral: one of the most successful business you can start is to try to improve some aspect of the life of people; but, whatever your business idea is, you should always protect your intellectual property.


The Social Network (2010)

12+ Entrepreneurship Inspirational Movies - Must watch 9 - tinoshare.comOne of the most recent and surely you remember better this film that tells the true story of how one of the largest business of the XXI century was created: Facebook. It’s amazing how Mark Zuckerberg, creator of this network, went from being a Harvard student to a millionaire businessman.

Moral: with this film you will know that there are keys to start your own business, and see that the sky is the limit when it comes to developing a business idea – but you make enemies along the way -.

Steve Jobs: One last thing ( 2011)
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The US public broadcaster PBS aired the film after the death of Jobs (founder of Apple). Capture the highs and lows of this man who certainly revolutionized our lives today.

Moral: other than Jobs is a continuous Fuenta of inspiration for any entrepreneur, the conclusion is that, although you will find obstacles on the road, you keep fighting to reach your goals.


The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

12+ Entrepreneurship Inspirational Movies - Must watch 11 - tinoshare.comAnother film that plays DiCaprio portraying Jordan Belfort, a New York agent bag with an unparalleled cunning and intelligence, and earned him to get to be one of the world’s most expensive homes.

Moral: teaches you to sell, to have confidence in yourself as a leader, and see countless keys to being an entrepreneurial genius. Although you will see that the excess and ambition can take you down the road more wrong of all.