ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED - Steps to Solve it_2

The ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error is a problem that occurs in the Google Chrome browser and happens when the DNS configured on the router or computer is not working properly. The solution is to configure custom DNS on your computer and to allow pages to load properly.

The error is usually accompanied by a message that says something like “This webpage is not available“. For that, you only have to follow the steps that we are going to explain to you next.


First open Windows + R (run) and type ncpa.cpl and press ENTER. A window will open that will show you the network connections of your computer. To which you are using right click and then click where it says “Properties“.

ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED - Steps to Solve itDoing so will open a double-click window where it says “Enable Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4)”. A second window will open e3n which you should go to the last section and check the box that says “Use the following DNS server addresses“. (Image below)

When you do that will enable the two fields below that will allow you to write to them. In the first field you put and in the second you put and click on “OK” to save the changes.

ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED - Steps to Solve it_2Then try entering a web page to check if that error already appears to you.

If you still continue the error ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

Continuing the disadvantage performs the following tests:

  • Reboot the router. (Disconnect and connect cable)
  • Try rebooting the computer.
  • Make sure you have the date and time set correctly on your computer.
  • Pass an antivirus to your computer (Could be a virus cause) – Disable it temporary 
  • Make sure you really have an internet connection.
  • Verify that it is not on a specific page.
  • Try clearing browser history, cache, and cookies.

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