Facebook Aims To Become The New Youtube?

Facebook Aims To Become The New Youtube - tinoshare.com

The network named Zuckerberg has been working in the construction and improvement of their own video platform for its users not relying on Google’s portal, but can upload your videos directly to Facebook.

Although it is difficult to believe that the social network of Zuckerberg may mean a threat to the video portal of Google; it appears that Facebook is serious about competing with Youtube . As some already know, the Silicon Valley have been working for some months in building a video platform that aims to overcome the characteristics of Youtube portal that until now has remained the largest of its kind.

As you can see, Facebook is very interested in enhancing its video interface in order to become an alternative to Youtube . Just a few weeks ago announced a change in its log to show more video content similar to users. With the new algorithm now the system takes care to distinguish and filter the videos that are of interest; For this, the algorithm records when the user expands the video to display competence, asks to see HD content or sound activated.

Not all, Facebook has just launched a few hours ago, a series of tools that will improve the housing of the videos on Facebook . Now, the user can control and customize your video when uploading. With control functions, one will be able to restrict the video audience in age and gender. Update that adds to the restrictions location and language that had already been implemented.

Facebook Aims To Become The New Youtube - tinoshare.com

Within the package control tools you are also the option expiration can set an expiration date for a video; and the option to permit or prohibit allowing video embedding the third party site. Moreover, the customization tools allow add custom video thumbnails tags based on interest categories, including Entertainment, News and more.

Facebook Aims To Become The New Youtube - tinoshare.com

This does not end the story, the enhancements also include a video library . This section managers can organize their video pages, update metadata, add subtitles and edit distribution options and / or rectification. And the best thing is that all actions can be performed both when uploading the video and after you did.

We are building tools to help accretion on Facebook to video editors, and we are excited to announce two new versions that give publishers more control over how to organize and share their music videos , “says Anaid Gomez, product manager Facebook.

Facebook Aims To Become The New Youtube - tinoshare.com