Facebook Audience Insights, know your customers better

Facebook Audience Insights, know your customers better - tinoshare.com
Facebook Audience Insights, know your customers better - tinoshare.com

1 year Facebook launched a new tool to know more details to your customers, the people connected to your business that could become customers … and all with an impressive degree of detail. Today, thanks to a comment from a user on my blog, Jbarri, I have decided to investigate it and install it.

Facebook Audience Insights


How to install and use Facebook Audience Insights

1. To use it you must have Facebook in the US English version, so in your profile settings must first make this change:

Facebook Audience Insights1


2. Then go to the menu to manage ads ( www.facebook.com/ads/manage ) and see that you already listed Audience Insights option in the menu on the left:

Facebook Audience Insights2



3. Once you are inside Facebook gives you three options analysis: anyone on Facebook, your fans or custom public:

Facebook Audience Insights3



4. The mode later use it is equal in all three cases, so for testing we will analyze the fans of our website, so select “People connected to your Page” and then select the page fans you want to have data and changes the location to the country you are interested (default is US):

Facebook Audience Insights4



5. From this moment begins to investigate all options of information, where you will see some very interesting as:

Sentimental state




Sectors where they work


Devices used by users:



And for the moment only available in the US, housing data of users, their income and types of purchases:




As you can see the information that you can get can only be described as brutal, as analyzed properly it can give you a competitive advantage very important for your marketing actions

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