Facebook is still struggling to remove the False “Like”

Facebook is still struggling to remove the False
Facebook is still struggling to remove the False "Like" - tinoshare.com

One of the biggest concerns that enterprises have on Facebook is to get fans (like me), making this metric in many cases as one of the main indicators of Facebook, something that is far from reality if we seek conversion in a business fan page.

In recent years they have grown many companies are involved in selling fake I like you to fan pages for very cheap prices, and companies have seen this as an easy and inexpensive way to grow your fan base, pretending to be a page more powerful, but the reality is quite different, in fact the massive purchase of poor quality fans, is the beginning of the end of your presence on Facebook .

Where do these false I like come?

There are various sources, but as indicated by Facebook, there are several ways such as:

  • – Real bills “sold” to generate false Like
  • – Real Accounts that have been infected without the owner knowing it generates new Like
  • – False account created for this sole purpose

Facebook continues to work on the detection of this bad practice using artificial intelligence systems to detect suspicious behavior in the accounts also looking fan pages as detecting and eliminating potential fans in the best, reaching block and remove the pages.

So keep to the so-called engagement, ie in generating content that users interact , and that is what will make your fan page is the perfect complement to grow your business.

Do you think that many companies have purchased fraudulently fans?

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