What Factors Determine The Price Of A Web?

What Factors Determine The Price Of A Web - tinoshare.com

Today we will talk abou the six vital factors that determine the price development of a website. You should know that there are on the market various types of web pages that need a different level of skills and experience, and this, coupled with the exclusivity of the design you choose will determine the final price of the project.

How much is a website? This question can not be answered following a scheme, and raised many and varied factors in its development.

On costs

Remember that every interaction you have with the freelance developer, you will help to communicate how you want your web. The freelance, depending on your budget and the features you want for your website, the following questions will be raised to determine the price of the project:

  • What services will you provide?
  • How many hours do you take?
  • Is it possible to do more business together in the long term?
  • What kind of features are required:
    • content management system,
    • user accounts,
    • the ability to e-commerce company blog, etc?
  • What is the complexity of these characteristics: number of design templates required that all pages look different or that all have a similar look?
  • Should implement specific locations or multilingualism?
  • Do you have to migrate data?
  • What kinds of animations and effects must implement, you have to optimize the mobile marketing, search engine optimization, social media?

In addition to these questions, in the event that the development of your website is complex, you may need more than one professional to complete all the features of your website. One aspect that may increase the price, is the sites with bases data in a custom programming is required and, of course, and focused sites designed for Internet companies with high traffic. 

Let’s see then the 6 factors that will determine the price of your web.

1. Design Project

There are a lot of features and varieties that can be included in web design that will determine the price. Much of the cost is determined according to the needs that you will require, as preferences, expectations of design, functionality and strategic work. Other factors that may affect the cost are maintaining the web, content management system and domain names.

2. Integrations or functionality

If the Web site requires more advanced functionality, such as a forum, a registration system or a calendar, affect your budget. This price also includes the tools you can use in your site, and whether or not need an e-commerce service or any other third party system.

3. Social Media

The creation and implementation of a presence on Google +, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook , affect the cost to the extent you need custom designs.

4. Email Newsletter

If you make use of it, for example, ConstantContact or MailChimp, a design template pre-existing is the most profitable to create an electronic newsletter, a design half way increase the cost.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)what-factors-determine-the-price-of-a-web

Here in this case, the factors affecting the cost of SEO are the number of web pages and competitiveness of keywords. Getting appear on page # 1 of Google is not automatic when a website is created. Here it comes to research the keywords that people are searching Google and optimizing the website for specific keywords.

6. Configuration and Testing

Keep in mind that each project requires a certain amount of time for commissioning, debugging and testing. On the costs associated with these tests and tuning, they are influenced by the amount and complexity of the changes you apply to the development project. The time when the freelance up the web hosting server of your choice tests to ensure that everything is working as it should be passed, is the final step in the production of your page.

Obviously, there is much more development work that can be added to a website we have mentioned. If you want to know how much it would cost your website, you can publish your project in LanceTalent (Spanish Only) free and help you define what you need.