The first 4 steps to start exercising | Habit of Exercising

The first 4 steps to start

4 simple steps to create the habit of exercising. I admit you have ups and downs with that exercise. So I know it’s not an easy habit. Most people start, then stop, then start again … Which is not all bad because they never surrender completely and always start again.

The main problems

So why most people find it so difficult to make exercise a regular habit? Well, you probably have many factors, but here are the top 3:

  1. Too much difficulty.

People start with great ambition and enthusiasm, but also with a big goal: “I’m going to the gym an hour a day” or “I’ll run every day for 30 minutes”The problem is that a large goal is difficult to keep for a long time, you hold a few days, but soon you get tired and begin to see it as a real burden.

  1. Too many goals.  

The first 4 steps to start we have to do too much. We want to run and lift weights and eat healthily.  Stop sweets, smoking and drinking so many soft drinks. Well, these are too many goals. We can not wait to focus on exercise if we also want to meet other objectives at the same time.

The risk you run is that we could start with one but then get stuck in another  (to avoid procrastination, for example) and lose our focus on the first.

  1. You do not have enough motivation

Not that there’s a lack of discipline, there is a lack of motivation.

The 4 Steps

So how do you solve these problems? Very easy:

  1. Establish an easy, specific and measurable goal 

The first 4 steps to start are several keys to achieving this:


Do not be an easy target, put a goal super hyper mega easy. “5 minutes of exercise a day”. You can do it. It’s simple.

Increases to 15 minutes in the second month. And 30 minutes in the third. You see where I go, right? Easy at first. Doing so you go slowly building your habit. And then gradually increase it.


By specific I mean the specific activity you are going to do, day and place. Do not just say “exercise” or “I’ll walk.” You need to set a time and a place. Make it an appointment that you can not miss.

The trigger. 

I recommend you have a “trigger” before creating a habit, in this case the exercise. For example, you always brush your teeth after showering. The shower is your trigger for brushing your teeth, so you never forget to brush your teeth.

What will you do before exercising? Will you do it right up?  By taking the first coffee? The presence of a trigger in your habit is important because while you are creating another habit in habit. And discipline in the creation and maintenance of habits is essential.


With measurable I mean a goal to let you know if you come or not to comply. Examples: Running 10 minutes. Walk half a kilometer. Do 3 sets of 10 push – ups. If you realize each has a number that can be measured.

Now you must meet at least one month a target. Two months if you can stand it. But never launch a second goal in those first 30 days. If you do, you run the risk of descentrarte.

  1. Keep a daily record 

This is the key habit.

The first 4 steps to start you can register your training will see how you progress, which will motivate you to move on.

You have to do it as if it were an obligation. Do not postpone and you say you do before getting to bed. As soon as you finish exercising, register it. Without exceptions. Without complications. Only the date, time and what you’ve done.

  1. Inform others

I believe this is also fundamental. You can do it on your Facebook, on Twitter, your partner, your friends, your coworkers … Inform and share with others your training. It may be for an email, a message, a whatsapp, or just chatting this morning in the break from work. But make sure you know what your goal is.

  1. Add as much motivation as necessary 

The first 3 steps might be necessary for you to get into the habit. But do not give up if you have not managed to add to your routine. If you miss 2 consecutive workouts, analyze why and add a new motivation.

Add additional motivation and see if it works. If you skip another 2 workouts mean that kind of motivation is not enough and you have to add another motivational factor, and so on until you get into the habit of exercise.