Five Love Languages, what’s yours? | From The Book Of 5 LOVE LANGUAGES BY GARY CHAPMAN


The love is certainly the universal language that scientifically and generally occurs in the insula and the striatum of the brain and not the heart, says an investigation by the University of Concordia. But the way in which it is shown it is very personal and different.

In this sense, for example, women tend to express their love in order to generate a positive family environment, while men tend to seek activities that may make with their partner, concludes a study by the University of Austin in Texas.

Heart Expressions

Likewise, the way we understand and demonstrate the love may be different from your partner, Gary Chapman, couples therapist and author of The Five Love Languages, he says there are five general ways in which You can express and I share them.

1. Words of Affirmation. This is the language of people who prefer to be loved by the ear, they love their loved ones to tell them how proud we are of them and likewise recognize that when they have success with phrases flattering.

2. Quality time. People prefer that love is shown with real attention when they are with their partner, whether they are just a few hours, provided there is a connection. During that time and the other is not distracted with, for example, your phone.

 3. Acts of service who prefer this language believe that ” action is worth a thousand words “so much appreciate what your partner does for them, and help them with household chores; They ask for simple things, but they are representative.

4. Gifts. It is the language of people who feel loved by gifts, and they appreciate your partner spend time, money and effort to address them. But it’s not about the materialism, or a simple palette detail by their hands which makes them happy.

5. Physical contact. Hugs, kisses, caresses, massages and others are the demonstrations preferred who are inclined to this language, for them the physical touch has the highest value, so to take them by the hand it is to win points.

It is important that you identify how you show you like this feeling, but you know what language of love prefer your partner, so you can express your feelings effectively and their relationship better, says Chapman.

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