Would you like to work as a flight attendant? Flight Attendant Job details to know


Stewardess work is one of the most desired by many women travelers because it allows them to travel through various destinations without having to spend almost any money.At the same time, it is a very demanding task when it comes to satisfying the customer at the top, so not all that apply end up being selected. [Countinueing the article from Questions and answers about flight attendant jobs]

The challenges of being a stewardess are quite interesting, and today decided to publish this interview that I made to Alexandra Kovacova where tells us how was his experience when she was a stewardess.

What decision was it that made you become a stewardess?

It was all by pure coincidence. When I was in search of work, after finishing the Spanish philology and before finishing the English too, it was the first job offer I found, the first interview I took. It was also my mom’s dream so I said “okay”, I’ll try.

Is training as a stewardess is too demanding?

Yes, it is. Mine lasted 6 weeks and every day we had exams in English, which is not my mother tongue, and we had to know each of the technical terms in the air.

Tell us about your work routine.

Well, this job does not have many routines to say. Alternately, I have come to work for 5 days in a row, then 3 days off, another 5 working days and then 2 days off. 5 days you work, there are days that should make flights and others are in ” standby” or waiting for 11 hours a day waiting to see whether they call you to go to work or not. If you have to go, you must be at the airport within the hour.

Flights change depending on the base. They make 2, 4 or 6 flights a day and always with the last flight returning to the same place from where the first came. One week you work in the morning when you wake up at about 4 in the morning, the other in the afternoon when you finish working at about midnight or even later in the morning. This is where I worked, but as always, everything will depend on how things are done in each airline.

How many countries did you come to know thanks to this work?

The airlines where I worked fly only in Europe and every day I went back to the airport in my native country. But during my free time I had the opportunity to know about 10.

It is well known that stewardesses generally do not earn a salary as high as is thought, but it is by means of viatical where they make good money. Explain to me how this system works.

This depends very much on the airline you work in, as it works differently with each one. In general, you do not earn as people think. How do travel expenses work? You have to work for a while to get some discounts on airline tickets.

In the two years that I worked as a stewardess, I had to pay for all flights when I was not working, although with a good discount. Am I being sincere? Many times the discounts for passengers were better than for the employees.

Any negative anecdote that happened to you all this time?

I could spend a whole day talking about the negative anecdotes I went through, hahaha. Twice I thought I would not survive. The first time was on a flight from Scotland to Paris. We had problems with the oil smoke outside the engine and we thought that a fire would occur, And the second was when we went through a storm in Italy that was worse than those that come out in the movies where everyone dies. Nothing funny!

Do you consider that any person can become a stewardess or are there limitations on this?

As in every job, there are limitations. Not everyone knows how to speak foreign languages, and few people have a good memory for the technical things of aviation; It is not as easy as it seems (though not impossible). Nor can the physicist be left out. For example, the height and weight of the stewardess are important details that are taken into account.

Tell us the best moment you had.

I can not think of a single moment. The best thing was always to work with my friends and have fun doing our work, both with the hostesses and with the pilots.Or when we had very friendly passengers who treated us wonderfully on board.

Now that you’re not working as a stewardess, what do you do now?

In March I will celebrate 2 years since I dedicate myself to travel and write in my three travel blogs. I live this and I love having no boss who tells me how to work and when I can go on vacation.

Tip number one that you want to share all those girls who want to know other destinations being stewardesses.

Do not choose to work in local airlines, but in those that frequently make long-haul flights (8 hours flight or more). That way you will have more time to calmly explore the destination you visit.


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