Forza Motorsport Tested 6 | The king Of Speed on Xbox One and Continues Sum

Forza Motorsport Tested 6 | The king Of Speed on Xbox One and Continues Sum -
Forza Motorsport Tested 6 | The king Of Speed on Xbox One and Continues Sum -

A few days ago Microsoft invited us to the presentation of ‘Forza Motorsport 6’ in Madrid within the circuit of Jarama. It was the perfect place for an event on one of the most anticipated games of the year cars, especially for users of Xbox One, as one of their signature.

Not consider myself an expert on the subject and not an enthusiast of the purest vein, go ahead (I prefer the freedom of ‘Forza Horizon’ or more ends of gender as cases ‘Carmageddon’ , where give vent to a style more aggressive), it was the perfect occasion to know how Turn 10 Studios had improved their experience with Forza 5 ‘ to enjoy more time to adapt to Xbox One. And here certainlywe drew a lot of attention to the water .

Although it is said that ‘Forza 6’ is the debut of rain in the series, we saw this as technically (and how, if not try the DLC Storm Island, that there is more noticeable) in that Forza Horizon 2 ‘. However it is true that here the water goes a step further with puddles .

Much eye (and expertise) with rain and night

Forza Motorsport 6

The rain is no longer a mere aesthetic detail that may affect cornering to slip more than necessary by not having more grip, but can form puddles on specific parts of the circuit that inevitably produce the undesired effect of aquaplaning , with we will lose traction and control our fireball with consequent skating crazy afterwards.

We were recommended, before getting down to work, check the various levels of assistance vehicle to see the differences more evident with the various aids that have in the easy level and the absence of all of them on Veteran. But I am like a brave, I played in the professional (a veteran lower level), with a circuit steering wheel and the rain.

The result as you imagine it: I failed miserably . I was at the last possible position (that of Jack Bauer, that is, 24) and took more than four minutes to complete a track of not more than two. I felt, in short, the harshness of aquaplaning in its worst forms, seeing in the position to stabilize and over the vehicle.Or stopping properly I was able to achieve.

At the end of the session, after a few more games (and to control), I realized the difference between the professional level and above (difficult) within the same wet circuit. And yes there was evident. I was in first without too many problems. Although, of course, it started with advantage. It was clear the control that can occur in a puddle if we go very fast, even in a straight line. Of course, I recognize that nevertheless had to use button rewind in a couple of corners “because I deconcentrated my teammates.” We all know how much that distracts you talk, right?

Jokes aside, one of the highlights of ‘Forza Motorsport 6’ are circuits where the night lights of our fireball (or foci of the track itself … if any) are our only company. Hence the pedal itself, unless we know the circuit by heart loosen.


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Forza Motorsport 6: your new universe in figures

Forza Motorsport 6

While the graphics do not notice much jump (‘Forza 5’ and looked great), it became clear that there are circuits that knew better demonstrate their potential, such as Rio de Janeiro , returning for the occasion. The staunchest supporters of ‘Forza’ know that the original debuted in just the first installment, ten years ago (on Xbox), and this has kept its essence. Except that now looks much better, of course. Not for nothing is an abyss between the current Xbox and Xbox One.

In the two-kilometer drive I recognize that there used my more aggressive side, especially in the corners, with the handy technique “Freehand you I have hereunto me against your vehicle and thus take the curve more tightly,” although part was because checking every detail around me and then it was too late to stop. Are you an excuse? Good.

We would have liked to play all those races with colleagues who attended the event, because only he could do against the machine using a knob or a steering wheel. More than anything because in ‘Forza Motorsport 6’ we can play against 23 other players in the online mode. And since we are in numbers, remember two other Turn 10 Studios unveiled weeks:

  • 26 locations worldwide
  • More than 450 cars to unlock

If we add one Drivatar improved system (personally do not attract anything, mind you; better against a real person and not a bot to emulate your behavior: while here we can adjust your style if we see that does not fit ours) and the aforementioned puddles 3D simulated with real physics and night races (but real), we have more than enough combo for fans of the saga’s most prolific Xbox speed . Which they are ten years and that’s no small feat.