Get free Dropbox space committed to a strong password

Get free Dropbox space committed to a strong password -
Get free Dropbox space committed to a strong password -

The storage space in the cloud has become for many a magic formula to store data accessible from various devices and allows also to have devices with less memory and therefore cheaper without losing functionality. In this case, even despite all the advantages provided you stay a little that you finish your data plan by much information stored I think you will be very well last promotion announced from Dropbox with which you benefit users improve their access data and make them safer.

In fact, the company, like many others that have become obsessed with the security of your data by the many hacks that have suffered , intended that users become aware of it, because from inside the company little can be done to convert individual passwords more secure by requiring mandatory participation. Although the chief director of the company has not given details of when it will launch the promotion, nor when it will be the number of megabytes that can be achieved without cost, if you advance it a priority to be launched in the official channels in the coming weeks.

Do not miss this promotion appears will be an imminent launch we recommend that you follow to Dropbox on social networks or notifications’re aware that you receive via the application. For the data we have now it will not be something exclusive designed for new users, but rather the opposite and be available to all. Just do not yet think that if you use the verification system in two steps is likely to be related to new promotion because currently it is the surest formula to protect passwords.

For your own safety, and also to know how it works, once Dropbox announced this promotion through official channels , you should check what applications allow longer to get used to activate and use. If you do not know how I advance that is really a function that sends you a notification to the mobile to access by insurance after the first identification code works.