Get Residency in Canada by Marriage to Canadian


If you have a loving relationship with a Canadian citizen or because you married him, you can now have access to the residence visa in Canada. The Canadian government provides facilities for the residence visa to immigrants who are united in marriage to Canadian citizens or permanent residents of that country.

According to the laws of this country, the partners of Canadian citizens can apply for an immigrant visa as long as they show that the relationship between them is genuine and not based on other interests such as obtaining residency.

Find out how to apply for residency in Canada by Canadian marriage. This information will help you know the main requirements for this procedure.

To begin, you have to know that they are Canadians or permanent residents in this country to sponsor your arrival in this country and the visa process. There are three legal concepts by which you can access a residence visa in Canada.


Visa for Spouses

You can apply for this visa if you are legally married to a Canadian citizen or to a permanent resident of this country. To get this visa, the immigrant must accompany her husband to the immigration office and deliver the marriage certificate attesting the legal union of both.

This act will be reviewed by the Office within a period of four months and then proceed with the registration of immigrants, which can last between 2 and 3 months. Under the agreement to obtain a residence visa in Canada, the Canadian citizen or permanent resident must sign a statement in which it agrees to cover the basic needs of their partner within a maximum period of three years.

Visa for unmarried couples


To access this visa immigrant and Canadian citizen should have a list of contacts of at least one year.The place of coexistence may be the immigrant’s home country or another country. The visa of residence for unmarried partners must be requested by the couple at the Embassy of Australia in the country’s immigrant or Canadian immigration office.

As the visa for spouses, the Canadian citizen or permanent resident is sponsoring the arrival and stay of your partner and therefore responsible for their basic needs for a year, at which time should marry.

Visas for spouses

This visa is for couples of immigrants and Canadians with less than a year of living together. The procedures for this visa are slightly more stringent due to the time it takes the board partner. The country’s authorities requested the immigrant certificates of conduct, prison records and health certificates.

At the time of the procedures for obtaining a visa, you will be asked to immigrant and Canadian citizen detailed information about the start and the time of their relationship, physical evidence and witnesses of their relationship. This residence visa is also sponsored by the Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada.






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