Get Residency in USA by Marriage to American | Green Card through Marriage


If you are about to marry an American or already did, now you can start the paperwork for your residency in USA. With the American residence, you can legally enter the United States to live with your husband (wife).

Find out everything you need to obtain US residency through marriage.

Visa for married (Visa K 3)


This visa is for persons married to US citizens or permanent US residents. The processing of this visa must be initiated by the American citizen interested in living with his wife in the USA.

To do this you must approach the Service Citizenship and Immigration or the American embassy for the country of your partner and complete an application for a foreign family, once the application is accepted, he must present the marriage certificate to a verification process.

The American authorities would check if the marriage is valid in the country. After that the process for obtaining the American residence starts. It requests the immigrant’s documents as police and court records, medical and birth certificate, valid passport and financial records.

If you have all these documents approved, the final step will be an interview with a consular official to check the veracity of marriage.

This interview includes questions like where they met, and other basic questions. (you will find it on the video below) This process can take between nine months and one year.



Visas promised / a (Visas K 1)

K-1-Banner K-3-Banner

These visas are granted to people who have a relationship with an American citizen and have marriage plans. We must bear in mind that such visas can only be requested by citizens of American origin and not by citizens with permanent residence.

This type of visa is temporary, permission is granted for 90 days from the arrival of foreign citizens on America, at that time the couple should marry. After marrying, the American citizen can apply to change their partner visa for the visa for married (Visa K 3)

As for visas for married immigrants, it will be required to submit relevant documents such as birth certificate, health certificate, police and criminal records and have evidence to support your relationship is genuine. One of the advantages of going with fiance visa is that marriage will be having procedures for the exchange of visa which require less time being the maximum period of nine months.





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