Getting Job Online | Why do I need to expand my network?

Getting Job Online - Why do I need to expand my network -
Getting Job Online - Why do I need to expand my network -

To get the job you want. Knowing someone who works in the company in which you want to work is important because there are more opportunities for people to trust. Thus, the giver of work don’t spend money searching and interviewing candidates; besides the human resources staff can save time and focus on other issues. If someone in the company you know, the employer will not have so many doubts about fit in with the company culture.

Expand your network of contacts can help you grow professionally. You can learn from people with more experience and know what steps need to take to get to the place you want.

How to start?


Examples of events that can assist are job fairs and congresses. It is important to know who will attend the event to inform in advance and to have a serious talk with people with power of decision.

You need to have a personal presentation that is concise. Remember the “elevator pitch” or rule of lift you need to have what you do before the doors open and miss your chance.


LinkedIn is the most important social network at work level. You need an updated profile; Be sure to include information that can distinguish yourself from the other candidates, such as your volunteer experience or the link to your blog if you have one. Before you present yourself as a candidate for a company, you could search for contacts in this network and asking questions about work and the workplace to include in your cover letter.


Today, all the content you have on the Internet can be accessed. Therefore, it is important to avoid putting things that may adversely reflect on you. Keep your personal profile with friends, leaving the working contacts to LinkedIn. Nothing will serve you to have your boss on Facebook.