Getting Unexpected Results When You Do Marketing (and why this is good) | Marketing Strategy Tips

Getting Unexpected Results When You Do Marketing (and why this is good) | Marketing Strategy
Getting Unexpected Results When You Do Marketing (and why this is good) | Marketing Strategy

Marketing innovation is required to have the attitude to carry it out. Few dare to do different things to achieve amazing results.

“What are the unexpected results?” It could be the first question that arises when reading the headline of this post. Before I answer you put in the context of this post so that you understand the motivation behind writing it.

To achieve optimum results we rely on existing knowledge to replicate the proceeds. Typically one usually slightly below the data we have but we settle for “not so bad either.” We assume that previous experiences make the best practices that by definition are not going to overcome. An example within the context of online marketing is the use of orange as a button because it is supposedly the best conversions obtained. This does not always have to be always the case .

Applying this formula we will never be ahead of competition but as much be a little better than average. With that conforms most because it’s a safer bet to take risks and do things differently.

The only field experience continues so is the world of SEO. The reason behind it is very simple. The rules are constantly changing so we have to adapt and find new solutions without stopping to adjust. It is an attitude that is born of necessity.

It does not hurt a small challenge proposed to do . In my case it is to announce that I will do to actually do it. It is a highly effective way to put the batteries. Not otherwise have found that the link can beat the orange level conversion. I would also not aware that a “naked” banner in a campaign (online marketing strategies) of Facebook Ads can be much more effective in terms of CTR one decorated with text and other elements.

Sometimes you have to go against the stream to see if the established truths are nothing but a myth. It can be a little scary because we do not want to fool wasting our time looking for results that do not exist. We do not want to hear that phrase beloved by the Spaniards of “I told you so.”

History has shown that many inventions have arisen by chance . It is what happened to me recently discovered a type of incredibly effective banner thanks to a design accident. They arise when we stop looking for a moment and our brain is a solution of nowhere (or so our perception at the time).

Marketing is also attitude. It is the desire to find new ways and open doors to innovative ways of doing things. Everything starts in your head. If you’re not willing to go wrong you do not have a chance to hit at some point.