GIGABYTE presents its new series 100 motherboards

GIGABYTE presents its new 100 series motherboards -
GIGABYTE presents its new 100 series motherboards -

GIGABYTE announced its new 100 series motherboards based on Intel Z170 chipset with support for the new processor Intel Core 6th Generation. This updated platform marks a new era for desktop PCs with the continued support of DDR4, and the introduction of USB 3.1 port via the new connector type-C as well as a series of features and technologies including allowing the user to unleash the potential of your PC.

We are very excited about the launch of our new 100 Series Motherboards based on the new Intel chipset Z170 here at Gamescom in Germany , “commented Henry Kao, Vice President of GIGABYTE Motherboard Business Unit. ” We know that everyone has been waiting anxiously for this, so I made sure that our 100 series motherboards have outstanding features and offer the best possible experience with the 6th Gen. latest Intel Core processors . ”

100 Series Motherboards GIGABYTE

With the new 100 series offers three segments GIGABYTE motherboards to meet the specific needs of each. The segment Ultra Durable meets the needs of users looking for a Motherboards that has ultradurables and high quality components, while motherboards segment G1 Gaming are specially designed for gamers who demand the latest technology in audio performance and graphics performance and with GIGABYTE motherboards Force SOC solution for those looking to push the boundaries of hardware performance it is presented.GIGABYTE offers a number of features that will not disappoint anyone.

6th generation CPU and Chipset Intel Core Z170

With its new 6th generation CPU Intel Core and Z170 chipset, Intel offers significant improvements over the previous generation and revolutionary new features such as support for Windows 10 ™ and DirectX ™ 12, the new operating system and Microsoft’s APIs are supported natively on the motherboards of GIGABYTE. In addition, the new LGA 1151 CPU Intel 14nm brings support both DDR3 and DDR4 and enough power to support up to 3 independent digital displays and a full range enhanced BCLK overclocking.

Prime Intel USB 3.1 controller in the world.

The Intel USB 3.1 is the fastest USB connection industry uses 4 lines PCIe Gen.3 to deliver total bandwidth of 32 Gb / s, the transfer rate without loss of up to 10 Gb / s with twice bandwidth compared to its previous generation USB 2.0 and 3.0, the plates 100 Series provide dual connectivity via standard USB-A and Type-C innovative USB connector making the best GIGABYTE USB 3.1 solution the market with better compatibility and covering a wider range of devices.

Certificate of Creative Sound Blaster Audio ZxRi 120 + dB SNR

The Z170 Gaming Motherboards GIGABYTE G1 have four processor cores audio Creative Sound Core3D ™ with Burr-Brown 127 dB high-end DAC. The design integrated audio card is certified for superior output audio headphones 120 dB SNR + realistic sound.

Our continuing close collaboration with GIGABYTE Technology has been something we’ve always been very proud, and with the launch of the new G1 Gaming motherboard, you can see why , “Low Long Chye, Director General Audio Creative Technology Pte said. Ltd, creators of the Sound Blaster. ” Innovative Gaming Motherboard G1, along with Sound Blaster sound card ZxRi included, and multi-core sound and voice processor Core3D, is a master of engineering touch audio technology.

In combination with the technologies of audio playback SBX Pro Studio Suite, the integrated audio solution provides a new level of audio immersion with realistic surround sound and the ability to clearly hear specific sound in a gaming environment.

Capacitors high-end audio and Nichicon Fine Gold WIMA capacitors.

With the motherboard G1 Z170X-Gaming, GIGABYTE presents a combination of capacitors WIMA Hi-Fi type and capacitors Nichicon Fine Gold audio.

The Nichicon Fine Gold audio capacitors and WIMA capacitors FKP2 are widely used in Hi-Fi high quality Premium systems. Users will experience more powerful bass and crisp high frequencies.

Killer DoubleShot-X3 Pro

Solution GIGABYTE Killer’s network is included in some of the Z170 high-end motherboards from GIGABYTE. The combination of the Killer E2400 Dual Gigabit LAN with Wi-Fi Killer 1535 card offers the latest Bluetooth 4.1 + 802.11ac, the extraordinary DoubleShot-X3 ™ Pro application can prioritize and redirect the most important traffic the fastest connection available, making sure that your game will never be affected by a congested network because of multitasking. By working together, the three LAN solution provides better traffic management, the fastest transfer speed and less delay for multitasking users.

The Ultra Durable metal finished in PCIe

First seen in its 100 series motherboards, GIGABYTE presents a new innovation in its line of Ultra Durable technology with metal over PCIe. In particular the use of heavy and long graphics cards can provide a greater stress on the connector using the innovative design of a piece of stainless steel shielding GIGABYTE reinforces the PCIe connectors to provide extra strength required to withstand cards large graphic.