Google Grows Unstoppable Driven By Advertising Ads and Greater Cost Control - Income -
Google Grows Unstoppable Driven By Advertising Ads and Greater Cost Control - Income -

Google has presented this morning its financial results in a stellar second quarter, beating analysts’ forecasts for the first time in six quarters. The keys to this surprising rise seem both in increasing the profits of your ads and more control of their expenses.

The search company has made known for its expensive projects, from autonomous cars up balloons designed to bring the Internet to the less developed countries. These projects are continuing and it seems unlikely that Google will stop seeking new revenue sources while trying to change the world, but has begun to control spending a little more and that they generate has been noted in its quarterly results.

These were the results of Google

Google has announced that in the second quarter of this year had total revenues of 17,700 million dollars, of which 3.931 million are net profit, 17.3% more than in the same quarter last year. These results have liked both investors, which have been known as the Internet giant’s shares have soared by 8%.

The pages belonging to the enterprise have generated a total of 12,400 million, 13% more than in the same quarter of 2014, and have also grown 18% year profits made by the clicks on the ads.Undoubtedly good news for Google seems to have found the balance controlling spending projects, but does not seem to have any intention to stop experimenting with new technologies.

The future of Google: YouTube and mobile

Still, the immediate future of Google remains in existing technologies, such as in one YouTube continues to grow steadily having already exceeded 1,000 million monthly visitors, and in the time that users spend consuming content has increased by 60% over last year.

Mobile devices are also fit, and advertising benefits for clicks on these devices have grown to 18%.The combination of these two sectors could not be better, as the average time a visitor spends watching videos YouTube on mobile devices has doubled reaching 40 minutes.

Google has stepped on the accelerator, has begun to use his head when playing to create new projects and their profits have soared. It will be interesting to see how these revenues evolve during the next quarter and if the search company manages to keep the pace and started, as some investors, a new era of profits claim.

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