Google is preparing for war (automotive) self-driving car of Google

Google is preparing for war (automotive) self-driving car of Google -
Google is preparing for war (automotive) self-driving car of Google -

Google’s autonomous cars will become a company that can compete with Uber.

The famous project self-driving car of Google, it will separate to form a company under the conglomerate Alphabet in 2016. Therefore, as an independent company, will have to make money, and one option is to create a service “Taxi “using autonomous vehicles as reported by Bloomberg.

Google cars have already covered more than 1.6 million kilometers on public roads of San Francisco and Austin, so it makes sense that the hypothetical service launches there first as the anonymous source said. Consist, as planned, a fleet of small and large vehicles begin to operate on university campuses and military bases for licenses.

There is war in Silicon Valley, and will be in the automotive sector of the future.Uber is engaged in the development of autonomous capabilities for its fleet of vehicles, while the auto giants are investing heavily in the development of autonomous technologies that make their more attractive than the competition cars. Ford, BMW or Honda are clear examples of the trend.

This summer, the Mountain View giant, is reorganizing creating a conglomerate called Alphabet. The plan was to separate several of its technologies in independent companies, including robotics division, health, investment or the search. Autonomous car technology is in charge of Google X.

In September, Google X John Krafcik joined as CEO of the company. Google then said he had no immediate plans to make its technology and business cars alone, but if it were, “it would be a good candidate to take place sometime in the future.”

The self-service cars Google would not only generate revenue, but to go many millions of kilometers and improve faster than competitive service .

2020 is a key date, many manufacturers expect to have its first completely autonomous proposals by that date to coincide with the Olympics in Tokyo, the largest showcase of technology in recent history. Japanese companies will show their advances in hydrogen fuel cell cars and autonomous capabilities. Nor can we forget the Titan Project Apple.

How-it-works-–-Google-Self-Driving-Car-Project -
How-it-works-–-Google-Self-Driving-Car-Project –