Google Knows That The Future Of Its Search Engine Goes Through Knowing on How To Adapt To A Mobile


The Google search engine serves as the ‘gateway’ to the Internet for most computer users. However, its relevance in the smartphone is much less clear. In fact, are the apps which have a central role in our mobile phones at all levels (also as a tool for network access). Users know, and Google are obviously well aware of this reality.

One of the journalists of The New York Times interviewed Amit Singhal, the head of the search engine Google for the past fifteen years, and has not hesitated to give us some interesting clues about what they are working and how to approach their future. And their starting point, according to Singhal, is this: users dedicated to my 85% of the time we invest in our smartphones.

The Google of apps

The overall number of searches from mobile devices is increasing apace. In fact, Singhal admitted during the interview that in ten countries have already exceeded the total dropped from computer searches. Google provides Internet as a platform for hosting content, and search engine provides the necessary information to access that intelligence efficiently.

The challenge that lies ahead, according to Singhal, is that the Internet as a platform is becoming a repository of applications. But that ‘intelligent’ layer that allows users to find services that best meet our needs is still necessary. This is precisely the direction that Google is working.

Apparently, Singhal and his team are managing two essential in adapting its search engine to the needs of users of mobile devices parameters: the context and probability . The first is typically associated with the time of day and is conditioned by the most frequent searches in that time slot, and the likelihood prioritizes one of the search results at all possible exits.

Google’s success depends heavily on the ability of its search engine when noise filter and return the information we seek, and not another. And the probability conditioned by the context is the main ingredient of its signature dish. It is clear that even a company with as comfortable as Google has now can relax position. Better for us users.

Image | Shawn Collins
Road | The New York Times